The field of IT is as important as ever and becoming an IT professional is a great career path that could take you just about anywhere. But companies aren't looking for people who toy with computers in their spare time – they want fully certified Support Technicians who know the theory behind what they do and can apply all of their knowledge and training to the job.

If you're already working and don't have time to take a three- or four-year computer sciences degree, then you need an online course that gives you everything you need for A+ 900 Series certification so that you can hit the ground running and start your career as an IT Support Technician.

Windows Central Digital Offers

LearnSmart provides CompTIA A+ IT Support Technician certification training and has been doing so since 1997. Its series of 33 online courses is what you need to pass the A+ 900 certification exam with flying colors. You can print study guides, digital note-taking, study components, RAM types, and much more to prepare you for what LearnSmart is calling one of the hardest CompTIA A+ 900 exams ever.

You'd usually pay through the nose for a series of courses like this – somewhere in the ballpark of $900. But, through Windows Central Digital Offers, you can get all the prep you need for your exam for only $49. That's a full year of access to 33 courses, totaling over 50 hours of training, for under $50! The best part? Certification is included!

The IT field is calling you and all you need to break in is to pass your certification exam and become a full-fledged IT Support Technician. LearnSmart wants to help you get there and Windows Central Digital Offers wants to save you 94%.

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