Dirror is a 'smart mirror' that runs Windows 10

The concept of a "magic mirror" isn't new. It's an increasingly popular project for folks playing around with things like Windows 10 IoT Core and the Raspberry Pi. But there's are two things that limit such a device: low powered hardware and limiting software.

Dirror isn't such a thing. It's not limited in any of the same ways. That's because Dirror runs Windows 10. The proper, full version of Windows 10.

If you want to cram as much Windows into your life as humanly possible, this is an accessory for you.


Dirror is essentially a very large Windows 10 tablet powered by a quad-core Atom processor. However, it isn't a device for heavy computing, and a mirror isn't exactly the sort of thing you'd want to hear humming all day with fan noise.

It's backed up by 128GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. There are different sizes available, all in full HD 1080p resolution, and with up to 27-inch displays.

It's a completely sealed unit, which also limits functionality somewhat, and the only break is the power cable going into the back. Again, this isn't a regular computing device. It's one heck of a smart accessory, but it's also a tempting alternative to a regular TV display for retailers, hotels, or any other companies looking for digital signage.

Because Dirror runs a proper version of Windows 10, it's open to any of the apps that will run on its hardware — and not only apps from the Store, either. The demo we saw had both Spotify and Sonos desktop clients, in addition to a bundle of Windows Store apps and games.

Dirror is also an excellent smart home hub, in the same way a regular Windows 10 PC is. The possibilities are wide reaching, again, because of Windows 10. With homemade projects based on IoT Core and Raspberry Pi, you're limited to just a few key functions. With Dirror, you have everything right in front of you. And you can use it as a mirror, of course.

It isn't cheap at around €2,000 (about U.S.$2,180) for the biggest one, and it's of niche appeal. But it is running Windows, and it's cool as hell.

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Richard Devine
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  • At that price? Everybody
  • If this is running full windows 10, the apps are there vs if they had went with w10 mobile or windows 10 team(surface hub version) youd be waiting for developers to write something that you could use. Windows 10 on arm is ms last hope for mobile.
  • Very niche at this point.  Has potential.  Would love to see this in landscape and be able to replace a TV in a living room.  Instead of TV mounted on a wall, this would be there as a mirror or dispalying a picture when not in use.
  • overpriced for the HW it has... and I dont like the wooeden frame. Looks cheap. For that amount of price I could by a nice TV or monitor or even a smaller touch screen from China, mount it on the wall, hide the cables and connect it with a regular PC
  • Agreed that it's overpriced.  But niche products usually are.
  • I was thinking that it should have windows 10 cloud since one would only use store apps on it and it would make it cheaper too.
  • You just gave me an idea for a DIY mirror I'm planning to do. Thanks man!
  • You just gave me an idea for a DIY mirror I'm planning to do. Thanks man!
  • great idea  
  • I think this thing should've ran Windows 10 mobile instead. Especially with those specs. If they really want to get mobile on the map they need to put that part of the os family on more IOT devices. It's free software, so manufacturers can ask less for prices and with more of these innovations tied to Windows 10 mobile, apps will have to come.
  • The problem are apps. Apps like Autodesk sketchbook are available for Windows 10 desktop but they're not available for WIndows 10 Mobile. The strange thing is that this app is available on Google Play, Apple store and Amazon Appstore.
  • Upon reflection I think its a good idea, would be good if it responded to facial recognition and brought up information related to the person stood in front
  • Yes, like tell the person standing up front that the're fat?  :p
  • Lol!!!!!
  • Like ms health data but that's dead with band
  • Nice Idea, It would be great if it could be converted into a table so your small kids could use it for drawing and sketching with capacitizer stylus which is better than not having touch capabilities. (like standard monitor)
  • For that money I can build it myself. Probably ugly as **** but still. A smart mirror is not that hard to build. But to be honest I wouldn't do it. And btw I'm not sure if touchscreen and mirror fits perfectly together.
  • How is it as a mirror? There aren't any pics of it being just a mirror.
  • If you look at 2nd photo of article, there is a Mirror app running which simulates a steamed mirror when you're taking a bath and want to draw pictures with your fingers.
  • except for the pic where it's being a mirror
  • This should appear on showrooms like in Ikea, etc it would be cool for that rich person that wants to be connected or that person looking at spying on someone or even someone looking at playing a practical joke with like videos or something. Great for movies too
  • Did you just say "Ikea" and "rich people" in the same sentence.  lolz
  • Oh my god, No! It just shows how bad the interface is with such devices.  Just putting Windows 10 on something may be cool idea. I will give them that point. But, the interface (start menu boxes) is just horrible idea.  And is no better than putting a ton of icons on it. Both are convoluted designs not meant for things like this.  Any design like this for a mirror or those horrible large screen refrigerators with Windows 10 or Linux are just poorly designed ideas and should be minimalistic at their base of use. Interfaces should not interfere (initially) with the purpose of the devices unless necessary (not absorb all that screen real estate).  For example, it should remain mostly mirror even when data is displayed (weather, to do list, etc..) unless it is told to expand the data display (e.g. skype video chat, or expand the news story from a headline list at the side of the mirror.).  And not just plop down some interface designed for a completely different purpose. Just seeing that Start Menu and taskbar in this articles header picture makes me think humanity is doomed :) I hope people don't think this is useful design because it is not and a waste.   This should have been probably an IOT based device with an interface specifically designed for its purpose and connected to a smart home (hub) not a generic full Windows 10 OS.
  • Nice idea, but windows 10 us still too much keyboard and mouse oriented. I think sime of the backlogged features updates in the feedback hub would go a long way to improve the experience of this device. Improved personalization and further expansion of live tile an windows ink functionality would help a lot, not only for this product, but also for other pc tablet and 2 in 1 based windows 10 pc devices.
  • lol something for the ladies :D
  • Looks great for companies to use as Kiosks. We were using ipads but they didn't have good remote administration. Windows is much better in that regard. Lack of apps won't be a problem for that usage. You create your own custom app, run it full screen. People won't even know it's Windows.
  • A mirror with effects to make you look prettier and after you go out you wonder why everybody looks with disgrace at you.
  • The biggest issue with devices like this is family vs private use, and how the interaction should work.
  • It would be nice if it had a full spectrum of ports (HDMI) on the back and maybe some USB-A/C on the side.
  • No, I would not want anything powered by windows crap 10.