Dirror is a 'smart mirror' that runs Windows 10

The concept of a "magic mirror" isn't new. It's an increasingly popular project for folks playing around with things like Windows 10 IoT Core and the Raspberry Pi. But there's are two things that limit such a device: low powered hardware and limiting software.

Dirror isn't such a thing. It's not limited in any of the same ways. That's because Dirror runs Windows 10. The proper, full version of Windows 10.

If you want to cram as much Windows into your life as humanly possible, this is an accessory for you.


Dirror is essentially a very large Windows 10 tablet powered by a quad-core Atom processor. However, it isn't a device for heavy computing, and a mirror isn't exactly the sort of thing you'd want to hear humming all day with fan noise.

It's backed up by 128GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. There are different sizes available, all in full HD 1080p resolution, and with up to 27-inch displays.

It's a completely sealed unit, which also limits functionality somewhat, and the only break is the power cable going into the back. Again, this isn't a regular computing device. It's one heck of a smart accessory, but it's also a tempting alternative to a regular TV display for retailers, hotels, or any other companies looking for digital signage.

Because Dirror runs a proper version of Windows 10, it's open to any of the apps that will run on its hardware — and not only apps from the Store, either. The demo we saw had both Spotify and Sonos desktop clients, in addition to a bundle of Windows Store apps and games.

Dirror is also an excellent smart home hub, in the same way a regular Windows 10 PC is. The possibilities are wide reaching, again, because of Windows 10. With homemade projects based on IoT Core and Raspberry Pi, you're limited to just a few key functions. With Dirror, you have everything right in front of you. And you can use it as a mirror, of course.

It isn't cheap at around €2,000 (about U.S.$2,180) for the biggest one, and it's of niche appeal. But it is running Windows, and it's cool as hell.

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Richard Devine
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