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Best answer: Yes, all accessories you use with previous Dell XPS 13 models will work with the newer 7390 model.

Kit out your XPS 13: Best Dell XPS 13 accessories

Everything has changed, but nothing has changed

Dell refreshed the XPS 13 with latest 10th Gen Intel processors. This not only makes for a more capable machine, but Dell managed to pull all this off without messing about with ports, dimensions and other features of the laptop.

This means you'll not only be able to use all your favorite XPS 13 accessories that worked with older models, but also cases that support 13-inch laptops. Taking advantage of the latest technologies doesn't require you to replace anything.

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New 10th Gen Intel configurations

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The Dell XPS 13 no longer has a base model with an Intel Core i5 processor. Dell finally added the option for the less powerful, but more affordable Core i3 CPU. This move brings down the price slightly, but allows you to configure an XPS 13 that doesn't have more power than you'll ever require for light computing.

Starting at just $950, the new Dell XPS 13 is more bughet-friendly without sacrificing too heavily on performance. The Intel Core i3 base model XPS 13 also comes rocking 4GB of DDR4 RAM and a 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD.

Our pick

Dell XPS 13

Dell's ultra portable computing machine

Dell made the already excellent XPS 13 even better with the latest 7390 refresh, introducing new 10th Gen Intel processors.

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