Best accessories for Dell XPS 13 in 2024

The Dell XPS 13 is a stellar laptop that can function entirely on its own thanks to a smart design, capable internal hardware, and your choice of FHD touch, non-touch, or 4K touch display. There are, however, several best accessories for the Dell XPS 13 that will make your experience even better, and we rounded up our favorites right here that should work with older XPS 13 models as well as the new Dell XPS 13 Plus.

If we're making some suggestions

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All of the above accessories can contribute to your XPS 13 experience, and all accessories should work with older and newer XPS 13 models, including the refreshed 9310 and the brand-new Dell XPS 13 Plus. If you're interested in more information about the latest model, check out our Dell XPS 13 9310 review and our coverage of the Dell XPS 13 Plus. And be sure to see where both of them rank in our collection of the best Windows laptop options.

If you're still wondering which accessory to pick up first, we can make some suggestions. Tomtoc's 360 sleeve provides outstanding protection for your laptop thanks to thick padding around all sides and corners, plus it has extra zippered pockets for your smaller accessories. If you're often taking your XPS 13 with you, start here and keep your laptop safe.

Those of you who primarily use their XPS 13 or XPS 13 Plus in an office setting — home or work — will likely want to check out the CalDigit TS4 docking station. It adds 18 total ports to your laptop, and it can even charge your device while it's plugged in, allowing you to not worry about battery life when it's time to go portable. Connect displays, storage, and other accessories without worrying about cable clutter, giving you a true workstation every time you sit down.

Lastly, check out the CalDigit Tuff Nano Plus or the SanDisk Extreme PRO microSD card if you're in need of some extra storage. CalDigit's external SSD is ideal for folks who need a lot of storage and don't mind having to carry around a drive, while SanDisk's microSD card offers a small amount of fast storage in an extremely compact form factor.

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