Do you swipe with your Windows Phone 8.1 keyboard?

Word Flow is the new name for the keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1. That keyboard includes a Shape writing feature where you swipe letters on the keyboard as opposed to the traditional touch-typing method. You slide your finger across the keyboard, pausing ever so slightly on the keys you want used and the software does the rest to create the words (here's our hands-on video).

While many will swear by Shape writing (it even set the World Record for typing speed), some aren’t yet sold on this new keyboard feature. WPCentral reader, PxuLL, has started this discussion over in the Forums asking if you use Shape writing.

The six pages or so of responses to whether or not you use Shape writing covers a wide range of responses. As you would expect, some love the new feature and cannot dream of a world without it. Many have seen their typing skills improve but others couldn't care less about the new keyboard style and prefer the traditional touch-typing method. Personally, I fall into the camp that often forgets that the Shape writing is there and only after I start typing do I remember to swipe instead of tap.

So what say ye? Do you like the new Shape writing that comes with the Word Flow keyboard? Gather your thoughts and jump on over to this WPCentral forums discussion and join in on the conversation.

Bonus Tip

Windows Phone 8.1 Keyboard Settings

Shape writing should be activated by default when you install the Preview for Developers version of Windows Phone 8.1. Just in case  it wasn't activated or you simply want to turn this feature off, here's how you can access the Shape writing setting.

  • Head over to your Windows Phone 8.1 settings
  • Scroll down to the Keyboard option (towards the bottom of the list)
  • You will see your keyboard listed
  • Tap the listing to pull up your keyboard options
  • Check the very last option that reads “Type as I swipe through letters” to activate the Word Flow feature

Just keep in mind that even when you have Shape writing activated, you can seamlessly fall back on the traditional tap style of typing without the need to adjust the settings.

George Ponder

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