Does ASUS ZenBook Duo support Windows Hello facial recognition?

ASUS ZenBook Duo
ASUS ZenBook Duo (Image credit: Windows Central)

Does ASUS ZenBook Duo support Windows Hello facial recognition?

Best answer: Yes! The ASUS ZenBook Duo's IR camera is fully compatible with Windows Hello, allowing you to unlock your device just by showing your face to the camera.Get yours: ASUS ZenBook Duo (£1,299 at Amazon UK)

Windows Hello and the ASUS ZenBook Duo

Windows Hello, Windows 10's biometric security system that offers an alternative to traditional passwords and PINs, works by detecting either your facial structure or your unique fingerprints. The ASUS ZenBook Duo's IR camera is fully compatible with this facial recognition system. On top of that, the device also has a fingerprint reader if you would prefer to use Windows Hello that way.

Why the ASUS ZenBook Duo is worth getting

ASUS ZenBook Duo

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The ASUS ZenBook Duo is a really cool device for reasons that go beyond Windows Hello functionality. The uinique dual HD display design allows you to effectively have a "dual-monitor" setup without any of the hassle that normally comes with that, and the second screen is even touch-compatible so you can jot down notes with it. This is a feature that students in particular will love.

In addition, the device has very competent specs. It features an NVIDIA MX250 GPU, an Intel 10th Gen i7-10510U processor, and 16GB of RAM. These specs allow it to tackle any standard work task with ease, and you'll even be able to use the laptop for some gaming and media editing. It's also worth noting that the 10th Gen Intel CPU makes the device compatible with Wi-Fi 6, the latest Wi-Fi standard that improves connection stability and speed.

In terms of physical design, the device is great as well. It's pretty light at just 3.3 pounds (1.5kg), and the bezels around both of the screens are razor-thin, which is always a plus. The icing on the cake is the nice suite of USB ports that include dual USB-A 3.1 slots as well as a USB-C 3.1 one (not Thunderbolt 3). Overall, the ASUS ZenBook Duo is an excellent laptop with a neat extra display that you shouldn't overlook.

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