Does Samsung Galaxy Book2 come with a keyboard cover?

Does Samsung Galaxy Book2 come with a keyboard cover?

Best answer: Yes, the Galaxy Book2 comes with a keyboard cover that also has a trackpad, greatly expanding its functionality.Microsoft: Samsung Galaxy Book2 ($1,000)

Everything in the box

Many manufacturers sell items with the lowest entry price point possible but don't include the required accessories. By the time you purchase a keyboard and other needed devices, the price is vastly different than what attracted you to it in the first place. Luckily, Samsung took a different approach and included all the needed add-ons in the Galaxy Book2's pricing.

The Galaxy Book2 comes with the smart cover specifically designed for the device. The keyboard cover is well spaced, includes a trackpad, and provides protection for your device when it's in your bag or being carried around.

An impressive keyboard

The Galaxy Book2 can technically run as a standalone tablet without a keyboard but its functionality is greatly improved with a keyboard option. The back-lit keyboard includes a trackpad as well which makes navigating your device much easier. The trackpad isn't as large as on some other devices but it is big enough to navigate your screen. The trackpad uses Precision drivers so you get smooth gesture controls and an overall solid trackpad experience. Our review of the Galaxy Book2 further breaks down the keyboard and trackpad.

The keyboard attaches magnetically and can easily and quickly be popped on or off to switch between being a dedicated tablet or a 2-1 with a keyboard.

No origami folding

The Galaxy Book2 features a built-in kickstand which means that the keyboard doesn't have to have a series of folds that require fiddling around to use your device. The Galaxy Book2 takes designs cues heavily from the Surface lineup from Microsoft. The benefit of this is that you have a kickstand regardless of if your keyboard is attached or not. The downside is that you might need a bit more room to use the device than a traditional laptop. The kickstand can be used at an almost infinite number of angles so the keyboard just focuses on attaching to the device to enable typing.

The keyboard also attaches to the screen of the device when in use so it is at a more comfortable angle, rather than resting directly on the surface your device is on.

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