Does Surface Go 3 have a microSD memory card slot?

Surface Go
Surface Go (Image credit: Microsoft)

Does Surface Go 3 have a microSD memory card slot?

Best answer: Yes, the Surface Go 3 has a microSDXC port and supports microSD cards. This allows you to expand the capacity of storage available to you by up to about 2TB.

Surface Go 3 loves microSD

Like its predecessor, the Surface Go 3 is restricted to just 128GB for internal storage, making it a prime example of a device that can benefit from the utilization of its microSDXC port. This port will handle most microSD cards, supporting SD, SDHC, and SDXC for capacities up to 2TB.

MicroSD cards are no replacement for onboard storage and offer considerably slower transfer speeds than an SSD, but these can prove useful in adding far more capacity to your device. The microSD card slot is just one reason why you should consider the Surface Go 3.

The third generation of Surface Go introduced Intel processors to replace the ARM chips used by Microsoft. These CPUs offer better compatibility with software, as well as a boost in performance. You can configure the Surface Go 3 with up to 8GB of RAM, and it should last for around 11 hours between charges.

When shopping around for a microSD card, we highly recommend the Samsung EVO Select range. These SD cards offer solid read and write speeds for expandable storage and range between 32GB and 512GB. The Surface Go 3 is positioned to be among the best Surface PCs.

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