Does Watch Dogs: Legion have multiplayer or online play?

Albion's Nigel Cass in Watch Dogs: Legion
Albion's Nigel Cass in Watch Dogs: Legion (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Does Watch Dogs: Legion have multiplayer or online play?

Best answer: Watch Dogs: Legion will not have any mutliplayer or online play at launch, but will absolutely get it in the future with the release of an online-focused update later this year. Enjoy the already-fantastic singleplayer campaign right now, then jump online by yourself or in co-op with friends to battle against oppression in unison on Dec. 3.Hack London: Watch Dogs: Legion Standard Edition ($60 at Microsoft)Physical hacking: Watch Dogs: Legion Standard Edition ($50 at Amazon)

Watch Dogs: Legion and the dedicated online hackathon

Watch Dogs: Legion is already seriously impressing us with its true-to-life rendition of London, and its unabashed portrayal of fascism and politics, but at launch the game is limited to its singleplayer campaign. This isn't a bad thing, but fans of online play may come away disappointed.

Fortunately, Ubisoft has already announced plans to launch a dedicated online experience later this year in a completely free update, opening up new ways to play either by yourself or with up to three of your friends.

When Watch Dogs: Legion does log on with its new multiplayer modes, players will be able to continue to explore the entirety of embattled London and build their own DedSec team of unique operatives, but they can be joined by up to three other friends (each with their own teams) to battle against oppression together. There will also be brand-new co-op-only missions and challenges to complete that require teamwork, planning, and ingenuity to come out on top.

Finally, there will also be unique new game modes like PvP that pits players against each other, more in-depth standalone missions that ask for an extra degree of planning, and more. As is the case with any online game, Watch Dogs: Legion is liable to change over time and add even more for players to do in its online mode. The details will have to wait, however, until we're all able to to jump into an internet-connected London.

We'll be online shortly

Watch Dogs: Legion enters a market where many of the best Xbox One games have online modes, but only has its fantastic singleplayer campaign to speak of. Ubisoft won't wait long to get its online mode up and running. Players will be able to jump in with a free update planned to release on Dec. 3, 2020.

Ubisoft's newest open world title is also promised to receive post-launch support with new expansions and updates, so there could be more to speak of after Watch Dogs: Legion does go online later this year.

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