Dolby Vision HDR now available to select Xbox Insiders

Dolby Vision
Dolby Vision (Image credit: Dolby)

A few weeks ago, Microsoft revealed that Xbox One Dolby Vision support was headed to Xbox One S and Xbox One X. While both consoles already supported the HDR10 standard, Dolby Vision is Dolby Digital's own take on the technology.

Microsoft said that the feature would roll out to select Xbox Insiders "soon", but we weren't given a concrete release date. In a surprise announcement on Xbox Wire (opens in new tab), Xbox Insider Team Lead Brad Rossetti said, "Dolby Vision HDR releases today on Xbox! Starting with the Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha rings, Xbox Insiders with a compatible TV can enjoy Dolby Vision streaming content on Netflix on Xbox One S and Xbox One X."

According to Rossetti, there are over 400 hours of content available in Dolby Vision on Netflix including Altered Carbon, Marvel's The Punisher, and Stranger Things. If you're a member of one of those two rings, be sure to give Dolby Vision a go. Don't forget to check our guide to Dolby Vision HDR on Xbox One, which dives deeper into its offerings.

Dolby Vision HDR for Xbox One: Everything We Know

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  • HDR10+ too please
  • Just Netflix?
  • Currently,movies and tv and vudu are planned.
  • Yeah, but what TVs support it?
  • LG OLEDs for a start
  • Also a lot of the 2018 non OLED LG's support DV as well. I think from about the 7500 range and up from memory. Sony OLED's have Dolby Vision as well.
  • Currently only lg and select somys in the us. Worldwide you can add fungo to the list. Apparently it currently only supports software dv implimitations. The older lgs and the Vizio line use hardware decoders which are not supported yet. Ms is advising you call your tv mfg and put on some pressure.
  • Why would the Xbox care or even know whether your TV uses software or hardware DolbyVision? It makes sense that the Xbox uses software DolbyVision, as it wasn't built with a DV deciding chip. Are you sure you're not confusing those two things?
  • TCL 55P607 and 6 series has Dolby vision
  • Sony OLEDs as well.
  • If you own a 2016 LG, the feature is not supported. I really hope this changes soon. I like my Xbox, but there's no way I'm upgrading a TV just over a year in the cycle.
  • Call lg and put some pressure on them. I know I will be calling Vizio today.
  • My LG TV it is from 2016 and it supports Dolby Vision, it's a 55 4k SmartTV, i think than the model is 55UH7650 and it does pretty good in Nextflix when i play something with Dolby Vision.
  • This is limited support so far. I hope they go all in soon.
  • Excellent, my LG TV has Dolby Vision support and HDR10. It will be nice to have this feature in games.
  • Not currently for games
  • I just spoke to Visio on Reddit. Sounds like they're looking into it. Sort of sounds like they didn't know it was gonna happen. I wonder if Microsoft even called them. That would be a big mess since they are both American companies. It seems like that would be easy.
  • Tcl 55P607 and 6 series has Dolby vision her also