Dominate as Tone in Titanfall 2 with these hints, tips, and tricks

Tone is one of six Titans available in Titanfall 2, the twitch shooter that shakes things up by injecting mechanized killing machines into the mix. Tone is relatively mobile with powerful offensive and defensive abilities and even has some team-oriented utilties your pals can benefit from. Here's how to get the most out of Tone.

Tone's weapons and utilities

Tone is a relatively mobile Titan that has both great offensive and defensive abilities. Its loadout promotes medium- to long-range engagement, but all of its abilities can be used up close if needed. Here is Tone's default loadout:

  • Primary weapon: The 40mm tracker cannon fires explosive rounds that also provide tracking for the tracking rockets.
  • Offensive: Once you have a lock-on, fire your rockets for heavy explosive damage. These rockets will automatically hit your targeted enemy.
  • Defensive: Throw up a particle wall that you can shoot through but blocks enemy projectiles.
  • Utility: Launch a projectile that emits sonar to reveal enemies.
  • Salvo core: Shoot an enormous barrage of missiles that go wherever you aim.

Tone also has five kits that modify its primary loadout:

  • Enhanced tracker rounds: Getting a critical hit with your 40mm rifle is the equivalent of two tracker marks on enemy Titans. Enhanced tracker rounds are available immediately.
  • Reinforced particle wall: Your particle wall will stay up longer and it can block more damage. Unlocked at Titan-level 6 or can be purchased for 24 credits.
  • Pulse-echo: Your sonar projectile will emit a second pulse, revealing again any enemies in the area. Unlocked at Titan-level 7 or can be purchased for 24 credits.
  • Rocket barrage: You will fire two extra tracking missiles. Unlocked at Titan-level 8 or can be purchased for 24 credits.
  • Burst loader: When you aim down the sights of your 40mm cannon, you can charge up to a 3-round burst.

How to use the 40mm tracker cannon and salvo core

The 40mm tracker cannon that Tone hauls around is a formidable weapon with a 12-round magazine. Not only does it blow holes in the enemy's armor, it also places tracking marks that guide your rockets to their destination. You can easily hit the enemy from far, as there isn't much bullet drop.

It normally takes three hits from the 40mm cannon to register a lock-on, but the enhanced tracker rounds kit awards you with two tracker marks any time you land a critical hit. Using the sonar lock utility also contributes to tracker marks.

The burst loader kit also modifies your tracker cannon. Normally when you aim down the sights, all you get is a zoomed-in view, but here you can load three rounds that are fired in quick succession. Use this kit if you prefer to engage the enemy from long range.

Tone's salvo core unleashes a devastating barrage of slow-moving missiles that go wherever you aim them. When deployed, your crosshair morphs into four separate parts that go red when you're highlighting an enemy. This is especially useful, as your screen at this point is otherwise filled with rockets looking for a home.

This core seems to take a really long time to build, so consider using the overcore Titan kit to give you a 30% start to your build. When you do have the core built, try to find an opportunity to use it at medium or close range, as anything between you and the enemy will block the rockets.

If you're feeling especially skillful, you can attempt to curve the rockets around obstructions to hit unsuspecting enemies. Aim the salvo to the far right or left of the target, and when they've passed the corner or other obstruction, whip your crosshair over to where you think the enemy is and watch the rockets follow. Using the sonar lock aids in this endeavor.

How to be successful as Tone

Playing as Tone doesn't require quite as much precision as the Titans with less health — like Ronin and Northstar — but you still can't go running into battle and expect to emerge victorious once the smoke and static settle. Going into each individual fight with an idea of how to operate in that particular situation goes a long way.

The sonar lock is beneficial to you and your teammates. You fire a projectile that sticks to any surface and sends out a single pulse — two if you use the pulse-echo kit — to reveal enemies in the area. Any enemy hit with the pulse is highlighted for a few seconds, and also takes a marker that contributes to a lock-on. When approaching an area that you know hold enemies, send out the sonar projectile and wait for it to pulse before going any further. This is a perfect way to get the jump on a single opponent or to have enough time to fall back in the case of multiple enemies.

The drop on the projectile is quite severe, so if you're trying to highlight an area far away, aim high and let it arc.

Tracking rockets do not have any cooldown period, but they can only be launched when you've locked onto an enemy using your 40mm cannon or sonar lock. If the enemy is in sight and has a red reticle on them, you'll know your rockets are ready to launch.

Unlike your salvo core, this smaller bundle of missiles will find the target on their own without the need for constant aiming. If the enemy is around a corner or behind cover, aim high into the air or far to the left or right when you fire — the missiles go straight at first, but gradually curve toward the target. Players who have mastered hitting enemies behind cover are some of the best Tone players out there.

If you're facing off against another Tone player, try to bait them into using their particle shield early, otherwise your missiles will go to waste. When deployed, hit the shield with your 40mm cannon a few times to disable it, then launch your missiles for maximum effect.

Tone's particle wall is arguably the best shield in the game, especially when you take the reinforced particle wall kit. When deployed, it shelters anyone behind it and can take a decent amount of damage before dispersing. Best part? You and teammates can shoot through it.

When you engage the particle wall, it reaches from the ground up to a point above your head. It is wide enough to cover your entire Titan and will fit into narrow areas providing complete cover. Save the particle wall for when you start taking damage, as it has a significant cooldown period. It is best used to retreat under cover while you fire back — although it is a great shield, don't depend on the particle wall alone to keep you alive in the face of danger.

Setting the *ahem* tone

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