Earthworm Jim makes a less than groovy repeat Xbox Deal of the Week

We’ve had our fair share of quality Deals of the Week lately. Surely some Windows Phone gamers’ wallets are aching and could use a rest. Well, this week’s Deal should accommodate such folks as it’s certainly of the less-exciting variety. Starting Wednesday, Earthworm Jim HD from Gameloft goes on sale for $2.99 for the third time, down from the outrageous price of $4.99.

Yes, with Gameloft’s recent announcement of 12 big name Windows Phone 8 games, it would’ve been all too easy to forget the ‘Loft had published a somewhat unimpressive port of Earthworm Jim as a Windows Phone 7 launch title.

Earthworm Jim originated on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo many years ago. After a stolen supersuit falls from space and lands on an ordinary worm named Jim, he finds himself able to talk, run, jump, and basically do heroic things. Jim must rescue Princess What’s-Her-Name from the evil Queen Slug-For-a-Butt. Yes, it’s a silly premise, and the game is chock full of humor. The game is quite lengthy with nine expansive platforming levels and a recurring minigame in which Jim must outrace the malevolent Psycrow while dodging asteroids.

Earthworm Jim HD

The Windows Phone port of Earthworm Jim is not a terrible game, but it’s awfully rough around the edges. The frame rate is just terrible (it doesn’t run at 30 FPS, let alone 60) and there is no Fast App Switching. My biggest problem is the placement of the virtual stick and buttons are awful and can’t be adjusted, making the controls worse than they should be. The final level is harder than it was on consoles and the Achievements can be tough too. Check out our full review for more details.

Earthworm Jim goes on sale for $2.99 on Wednesday, November 7th for one week only. If you’re a patient fan of platformers, get it here on the Windows Phone Store.

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Paul Acevedo

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  • Boooo!!!!!!
    Thanks Paul.
  • One of my fav games the price drop makes me want it but the controls will probably make me pass
  • defo give it a miss mate, level 5 is damn near impossible (on my HD7 anyways) all the quick direction changes make my phone creak like no other game
    i bought it last time, having already forgotten about the fact that it wasn't me who like EWJ (i did the exact same thing when it was released for XBLA) , and i've always been terrible at it
  • I'm not really buying any more 7.5 games but, if this was $0.99 I would grab it. Still too much for a outdated app.
  • Agree mate!
    Hope the WP8 games will cost 0.99$ instead of 2.99$ like GooglePlay & iTunes!
  • $.99 apps are the way to make money in this market, especially with ported games. People are willing to drop a buck and try their luck. Once we start getting into the triple digits (pennies ;) ) people seem to be less willing to take a gamble. 
    Top purchased and top grossing apps are always either the $.99 or freemium apps. VERY rarely will you have a multi  dollar app make it there. And if it does, it's because it's a VERY good app.
  • They'll work on your new device