Edge out the competition with this Microsoft Office training

If you’ve worked in an office (or even at home) at any point over the past thirty years, chances are you’ve used at least one Microsoft Office program. These ubiquitous tools—ranging from Excel and Powerpoint to Word, Outlook and beyond—stand at the heart of countless businesses ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 conglomerates.

But chances are you’ve only scratched the surface of what these powerful programs can do. The Mega Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle will transform you from an Office novice into a full-fledged pro, and it’s currently available for 90% off at just $39.

Featuring 120 hours of training led by Office pros, this course will give you a leg up over the career competition in virtually any industry.

You’ll learn how to create captivating graphs and charts in Excel, uncover the more advanced elements of Word that can cut down your work time, build pro-level presentations in Powerpoint, customize your entire Outlook interface, and much more.

There’s even instruction that teaches you how to integrate Microsoft VBA into your projects in order to automate tasks.

Get the skills you need to outpace the competition in any job pool with the Mega Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle for just $39—90% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change 

Marc Lagace