Elden Ring: How to get Memory Slots and find Memory Stones

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Elden Ring Magic Image (Image credit: Bandai Namco)

One of the major differences between Elden Ring and the Dark Souls games, FromSoftware's previous dark fantasy RPGs, comes down to how you gain more slots for extra magic spells. In Dark Souls, spell slots were tied to a stat you could upgrade called Attunement. In Elden Ring, though, spell slots — now called Memory Slots — can only be acquired by finding a specific type of rare item in the game's open world.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about getting more Memory Slots, including what items you need to unlock them and information about where you can find these items throughout the Lands Between.

How to get Memory Slots in Elden Ring

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To get additional Memory Slots in Elden Ring, players will need to search the game's open world for Memory Stones. Each of these incredibly rare items increase the player's Memory Slot count by one, up to a maximum of 10. This means that if you were to find nine Memory Stones throughout the Lands Between, you'd be able to cast up to 10 different incantations or sorceries in combat.

Memory Stones are typically awarded to the player after they kill major bosses as well as some minibosses, and they can also be found after completing Elden Ring's Legacy Dungeons. These are large and complex dungeons that are filled with winding pathways and a variety of different enemies, such as Strormveil Castle.

Notably, you can also acquire a single Memory Stone by purchasing it from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold hub area. She sells it for 3,000 runes, which is a fairly low price considering how valuable Memory Stones are. If you're starting a new playthrough as a magic user, we highly recommend buying her Memory Stone as soon as possible, so you can get an extra Memory Slot right away.

Elden Ring is finally here, and it's available for $60 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. It's one of the best Xbox games you can play right now if you're a fan of challenging RPGs, and we strongly recommend it.

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