The Elgato 4K60 Pro can now capture and stream at the same time

Elgato's 4K60 Pro capture card is one of a very small number of tools we have that will actually record true 4K60 video from the Xbox One X, and one that continues to improve with every update.

The latest update to the 4K Capture Utility companion app, v1.1, adds a much-desired feature from other Elgato cards as well as a pretty interesting new one for streamers.

Flashback recording has been a staple of Elgato software for years now and something that was missed by many when the 4K60 Pro was launched. Fortunately, that has now been sorted out and the latest update adds the feature back in. It can be turned on or off in settings with the duration you want available altered on a sliding scale.

With it enabled you can now happily go back in time and clip your epic moments without the need to record hours and hours of gameplay.

4K Capture Utility

The other big new feature is Stream Link. It's still a beta feature, but what it does is pretty impressive. Before, you couldn't use the 4K60 Pro in XSplit or OBS to stream while also recording footage directly from the capture card with the Elgato software.

Now, with Stream Link enabled, you can capture footage directly from your Xbox One X at 4K60 while sending a separate stream at 1080p60 or lower to your streaming software. So you can have full resolution recordings and stream at the same time.

We'll be taking a closer look at Stream Link in the coming days, but for now you can snag the latest update either directly from Elgato or you should get a prompt the next time you open the 4K Capture Utility application. The 4K60 Pro, if you're interested, is on sale for around $380 and you can find out more in our full review.

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