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Capture your Xbox One gameplay in 1080p and 60 FPS with new Elgato box

Your Xbox One is capable of capturing gameplay footage natively. It's great for casual streamers and those wanting to try out streaming, but if you want to get serious, you get a video capture box. Elgato has just announced a new video capture box called the HD60 that improves on their best-selling model.

The Elgato Game Capture HD60 improves by being able to capture content at 1080p and 60 fps.

Here's the list of features you'll get with the HD60:

  • Record and stream on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 & Wii-u
  • Stunning 1080p quality with 60 fps
  • Unlimited capture right to your PC or Mac
  • Flashback Recording: record retroactively
  • Built-in live streaming to Twitch, YouTube & more
  • Stream Command: add webcam and overlays
  • Built-in live commentary feature
  • One-click sharing to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • Price: $179 USD, €169, £139

Anyone planning on grabbing the HD60 for their streaming needs? Grab it for $179 from Best Buy or Elgato directly and have it ship on August 18.

Source: Elgato

  • Thats reasonable price. Not bad, not bad at all.
  • I still think Avermedia's USB 3 capture device is a better purchase. I was hoping they were going to be using USB 3 since it provides a real time preview where as there's a 5-10 second delay on USB 2, which is important for streamers who are using sofware like XSplit, OBS etc. Also they're both roughly the same price (with the Avermedia U3 being cheaper here in the UK)
  • This is great now my viewers will see the exact same game I see. The 60fps is important for racing and sports games
  • What's your channel?
  • robskyy89 it's small but hopefully this device along with high quality audio will help because college is not for me. I absolutely love video games with a passion and I can't imagine my life without them
  • Can anyone view your channel if so I will push it through a few of my mates a couple do alot through ps4 Xbox One & 360 also various others on YouTube.
  • Yes anyone can view it and there's no cursing. But it is still in the small stages
  • Robert here are 2 people with channels on youtube both are good people to know 1st is Ash
    2nd is Pegasus177. He has some partnership with playstation exactly what I'm not sure
  • "help because college is not for me"... How the heck is this gonna help you?
  • A lot of top game streamers make more than enough money to survive. PewDieDie makes $4 million a year from his videos, according to Wall Street Journal.
  • That's one guy and it's not a sustainable market. Just because something is popular and making money today, doesn't necsessarily mean that'll always be the case. I just hope that Robert here doesn't drop out of college in hopes of becoming the next big Youtube/Twitch gaming star because it's just not going to happen because of this small device, not when hundred if not thousands of people do the same thing.
  • Oh no I'm not dropping out I'm just doing a bunch of things just in case something bad happens. I have five classes left, it would be dumb to drop out. Thanks for the advice though
  • There are literally hundreds of people making bank on YT. There are Sidemen, Hike, Michelle Phan (Who landed a deal with Dr. Pepper and load of other top brands). If you know how to do game streams, you gonna get shitload of cash. This device won't make you a millionaire, but you can't become one on YT without something like this.
  • Monetizing a YouTube channel and filling it with "walk-through" videos.
  • +920 Agree, Since 1986(Atari 2600)
  • What's your channel. I might subscribe if you have some interesting content.
  • Waiting for unboxing and live stream from you guys first
  • Yes! I want to see WPC using this instead of the built in Xbox feature, and using this for uploading to twitch and YouTube! :D
  • Now my current Elgato seems ancient. Just bought it around Christmas time. Oh well, guess like I'll sell it. What's good now, is YT supports 60FPS, so we can watch 60FPS trailers! Woo!
  • Waste of money
  • Tell that to all the twitch streamers, to all the people who put gameplay on YT, to all who begged Sony to remove HDCP. Definitely not a waste of money.
  • For you yes, but not for the people who enjoy uploading and the people who enjoy watching. Really hate narrow-mindedness
  • It's not narrow mindedness, doesn't the Xbox one have this built in?
  • I think the point was that this box seems to stream in higher quality than the built in feature. Not important to the average person but if you are serious about streaming it's a big deal.
  • 1080p with 60 fps has been reserved to people with a lot of money up untill now. You either had to have a PC with an expencive CPU, or you had to drop a lot of money on a professional capture card.
  • If you were making $1 million a year from streaming videos on YT, pretty sure it wouldn't be a waste of money.
  • It isn't. Even though it's built in on Xbox, the Xbox is limited and doesn't allow the use of custom overlays and custom images (for example I have sponsors to display). For me to stream console games I need a capture card so I can get the console feed into the computer and add the sponsor logos onto the stream overlay as per the agreement with the sponsors. Therefore something like this isn't a waste of money.
  • I have an Elgato and can vouch for their hardware and software. This is a great value.
  • Not a bad price at all.
  • pewdiepie will love this.
  • we pc master race need no rec boxes, 4k 120fps raw video(at least on 5yo games :P)
  • I remember that a 1080p video recorded with Fraps in .avi was like 4GB every 2 minutes or so, if you try to record an uncompressed 4K stream you'll end up with a new 4GB video block every 10 seconds ahahahah
    Also, raw recording causes a heavy fps drop when playing, so that may be an issue for a lot of users. This box is not so bad for PC players as well :)
  • Yep but we are the master race! We got hundreds of fps to waste on recording apps and still get the desired frame rate for the video wahaha
  • STFU you disgraceful shit race. Consoles are way better than PC. Thats my opinion but the PC is still not a master race
  • Cry me a river you dirty peasant
  • Coming from the PC Master Race thing myself, I heavily disagree, but that guy is just being a sad troll. If he's actually trying to troll, remember to leave the satire at the subreddit and actually try to give facts instead.
  • oh sir you beat me to the punch! i guess you got all your facts already so why do you want my facts then?
  • good price but I don't think I care enough, native capture and sharing will do for me for now... but it seems to be a great service tho, maybe I'll think about it
  • The native capture is perfectly fine for those who are dabbling or just getting into capturing/sharing their video game content. Though most seem to graduate and move to these dedicated capture boxes when they want to make this more than a hobby.
  • Yep. Especially if you have sponsors to asap appease, you need one of these bad boys.
  • Looking at getting this then rather than having my current Elgato and a Xsplit subscription. Should help with my recording and streaming :)
  • What games on the XBOX One are both 1080p and 60FPS?
  • Froza 5 for starters with many games being native 1080p/60fps in the near future. Last I checked games are about the experience not just framerate and resolution otherwise game systems would have been dead long ago.
  • I think his point was, why care about 1080p capture at 60 frames if the console itself isn't doing that, might as well wait to but until it is more necessary, conversely buy it now and future proof (for at least a couple years) yourself.
  • There are plenty of PC gamers out there that has 1080p 60fps that they want to stream.
  • Last I heard Forza would be 1080p 30 fps
  • Is it HDCP compliant?
  • Good q
  • lol el gato. Reminds me of Rundown.
  • Nice
  • Would I need this if I already have an i7 / 16gb / gtx680 on my desktop?  I tried a couple free programs but don't get reliable streaming.  Am I just better off buying streaming software?  If so, which one?
  • This is for picking up console footage as opposed to PC footage. If you're only streaming PC games consider using OBS or XSplit.
  • Personally I prefer Xsplit, but I've heard OBS has more features available for free.
  • Sounds like a great product and would be finitely buy, but Bright House Roadrunner isn't gonna cut it for streaming 1080p60 on a connection with only .3MB/s up. Even uploading to YouTube would take an uncomfortably long time.
  • Shame the console can only do 720p 30fps