Elgato's latest beta Game Capture software supports Beam's FTL streaming tech

It looks like Beam streamers are getting a little love with the latest beta version of Elgato's Game Capture Software. Among a few other new features and improvements, beta version 3.6 of the Game Capture Software includes native live streaming using Beam's Faster Than Light (FTL) ultra-low latency tech.

Here's a look at everything that's new in this beta release:

  • AMD GPU Encoding: AMD GPUs can now be put to work for video encoding, which means much lower CPU usage and better performance.
  • Minimum requirements: VCE 2.0. For more information click here.
  • Beam Integration: Native live streaming to Beam.pro using ultra low latency Faster Than Light (FTL) technology.
  • Twitter Video Upload: Got a nice clip? You can now upload it directly to Twitter from Game Capture. (Normal Twitter video upload restrictions apply)
  • Preview now plays in 60 fps, even with overlays. This was previously limited to 30 fps.
  • Updated browser engine with latest performance, stability and security improvements.
  • Various other bug fixes, performance and stability improvements.

To recap, FTL is sort of Beam's special sauce. The streaming protocol "allows for sub-second video latency when streaming." Essentially, FTL allows for streamers to interact with viewers in real-time without worrying about any delay. FTL support is already built into other software like XSplit and OBS Studio, so it's good to see Elgato experimenting with it for people using its capture cards.

Download Elgato Game Capture software 3.6 beta

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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