Elgato's Stream Deck is a GIF-laden command center for game streamers

Elgato is already a go-to name for game streamers thanks to their lineup of capture cards, and now it's upping the ante with a new product called the Stream Deck. Simply put, Stream Deck aims to streamline the streaming process by putting frequently used commands, actions and (yes) GIFs at your fingertips.

The deck itself sports 15 LCD-backed keys, all of which can be programmed to do whatever you want. Essentially, Elgato is hoping the Stream Deck will replace a slew of keyboard shortcuts that streamers currently use for common actions. Commands can include anything from sending out a Tweet when you start streaming, to starting a stream. The Deck can automatically detect your scenes, media, and audio sources for quick one-touch controls.

And yes, you can load the board up with nothing but GIF commands — which, let's be honest, is the coolest part.

The Elgato Stream Deck is set to start shipping in May (price unknown at the moment). The product page is currently live on Amazon, and pre-orders should open up soon.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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