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Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Two launches on Xbox One and PC in June

Recently, Frontier Developments launched Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One on Xbox One and other platforms. Luckily, a barrage of new content will hit the system soon as the developer just announced Chapter Two's release date. The update is coming to the console on June 28, 2018 and brings with it numerous enhancements.

Some of the new features coming with the update are listed below.

  • The "Alliance" continue to refine its warships in the face of the looming "Thargoid" alien threat. The Alliance Challenger, a combat vessel, has stronger armor than its Chieftain counterpart and will be able to soak up a significant amount of punishment.
  • The developer is introducing a range new "Wing Mission" types for you and your friends to take on.
  • Players will now be able to scan and interact with "Space Installations". For example, scanning the installation will allow you to see what you can interact with. You can hack turrents and disable other security measures. Lastly, if you're desperate, you can always fire a few rockets at the cargo bay and see what blows open.
  • "Tech Brokers" will allow you to unlock large versions of the existing guardian weapons. These Tech Brokers will issue missions to collect data and materials, and then unlock certain modules for purchase.
  • Lastly, the annoying Thargoids continue to be an intergalactic menace. This time around they have new "Scout" vessels that make other enemy ships in the area stronger.

Please note that Chapter Two is a free content update. The game supports Xbox One X and looks incredible on a 4K display.

If you love space simulators in which you can practically do anything, then be sure to give this one a go. Elite: Dangerous is supremely rewarding even though it takes dozens of hours to master.

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  • Thank goodness they're adding a new ship. We needed one that was stronger!
  • I can't help but think you really haven't tried many ships in ED. The Type 10 Defender is a flipping tank. And you can certainly augment the Federation Corvette, even without engineering.
  • I'm still relatively new. I keep on getting destroyed right now. It's rough.
  • I just started playing this on Oculus VR and while I really like it I have 2 problems. One is I need a HOTAS and the other is I guess I am just not built to play VR because I get bad headaches from the headset and suffer from sickness due to the movement. Weird thing is that I have always been a hard core gamer and I love roller coasters and rides and been always active. I found a website that teaches you to like climatize so to speak to VR for example use a fan to blow on you while in VR to trick your body. It really upsets me I cant enjoy VR and I bought all this like day 1 prices...
  • Yes, you absolutely need a HOTAS. I picked up the Thrustmaster HOTAS One X, so it can be used on both PC and the Xbox One. Also, If the Oculus has the same kind of adjustment the WMR headsets have, you can adjust the inter-ocular distance between the lenses (it's done through settings). My Acer rig out of the box gave me headaches, too, until I read about that adjustment in Windows. It adjusts the projection to fit better with how far apart your eyes are. As for the motion sickness, the only thing I can suggest is something like Dramamine or Bonine. I don't get sick while flying, but when I'm driving the SRV on a hilly planet/moon, I get REALLY sick. So, if I'm anticipating doing some roving around, I take Bonine about 30 minutes prior to strapping in.
  • I'm looking forward to this now that Frontier has nerfed all the skimmer missions :(