Enable 'Be Polite' on HTC Sense 2.1 ROMs

In the later "Leo" builds of HTC Sense (version 2.5) found on the HTC HD2, there are some neat advanced ringer functionality available under the Settings tab.

One of those is called "Be Polite" and in essence uses the built in accelerometer to detect when you are moving the phone to answer it.  In turn, since you are already on the way to answer or ignore the call, the device can significantly lower the ringer for you--hence the "Be Polite" part.

(By the way, Microsoft? You may want to start doing those sorts of things too--they are after all what makes smartphones "smart".)

Anywho, many of us don't like using Sense 2.5 because it was not build for the Touch Pro 2/Diamond 2, therefore does not do landscape and lags on our wee processors. However, Apristel has found that a lot of the Sense 2.1 builds in fact have "Be Polite" built in, but not activated. Installing his cab will un-hide this feature for you to use.

Now the catch: On some ROMs this works and on others it does nothing. So your mileage may vary.  Good luck!

Phil Nickinson

Phil is the father of two beautiful girls and is the Dad behind Modern Dad. Before that he spent seven years at the helm of Android Central. Before that he spent a decade in a newsroom of a two-time Pulitzer Prize-finalist newspaper. Before that — well, we don't talk much about those days. Subscribe to the Modern Dad newsletter!

  • Seems that a prerequisite for Microsoft doing something like this would be to first have an Accelerometer API available to Windows Mobile devices; something that has not yet been done. I am hoping the Sensors and Location API that they added to Windows 7 (which among other things includes support for accelerometers, inclinometers, gyrometers, and other sensors related to movement and orientation) make their way to Windows Mobile 7.
  • Confirmed to work on Juicy Rom r5 on HTC TP2 on Sprint.
  • It works on my ROM Mal but you already knew that. lol
  • Now things like this is why I like using WinMo on my phone. Mightyrom 11/16/09 works fine with this mod (my current choice for a 'stable' ROM with all the trimmings).
  • I had to turn "Be Polite" off again as it keeps silencing my call when I'm jogging before I even hear the call
  • Be Polite 2.0 needs an "except when bouncing all over the place when the call comes in" setting :)
  • I'm new with TP2 Ill try it I use a custon ROM
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  • Well perhaps because HTC renamed the option in shipping HD2's. The option is now called "Quiet ring on pickup" and can be found on the "Sound & Display" settings screen. HTC also added "Pocket mode", which when selected and detects continuous motion, assumes the phone is in a pocket, case, or bag and increases the ringer volume. I'm not sure what happens when both are activated...
  • It works on my ROM Mal but you already knew that. lol
  • Woo, I made wmexperts!!