Enter the Gungeon coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 with Play Anywhere on April 5

Another Xbox Play Anywhere title is on the horizon with Enter the Gungeon, which is headed to Xbox One and Windows 10 on April 5. As a Play Anywhere game, Gungeon will pack in both cross-save and cross-buy support, meaning you can buy it once, play on both platforms, and carry your saves between.

Enter the Gungeon is a bit of a mix, offering dungeon crawler gameplay with a dash of bullet hell mechanic. The resulting combination leads to some pretty intense gameplay that you can take on either solo or with a partner. From Xbox Wire:

Enter the Gungeon mixes bullet hell mechanics with the rogue-lite dungeon crawler genre. Every session sees the player fighting through an ever-changing fortress of doom, on a quest to reach the Gungeon's ultimate treasure: The Gun that can kill the past. Along the way, you'll wield more than 400 guns and items, dodge bullets, flip tables, meet weird NPCs, and duel massive bosses.

Enter the Gungeon has already been available for nearly a year on PC and PS4, so it's good to see it hit the Windows Store and Xbox One. The Supply Drop Update, a free content pack that hit the game in January, will also be included in the Xbox and Windows 10 release.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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