You may have the perfect setup, fully equipped with top-of-the-line monitors, desks, and gaming gadgets, but none of that matters if it looks messy and unkempt. Organizing your cables can take your setup from amateur mess to full-blown professional sleek. A neat and tidy space will help you focus and increase productivity. That's why we comprised a collection of everything you need to become a cable management pro.

J Cable Raceway

Cable Raceway: J Channel Cable Raceway

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The J Channel Cable Raceway allows you to hide cables inside the 1-inch depth of its 48-inch body. It is made of plastic and comes with an adhesive strip along the back, which makes it easy to attach to furniture or against the walls.

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Ohill Cable Managment Render

Cable Clips: Ohill Cable Management Clips

This 16-set variety pack of cable clips makes organization a breeze by giving you the ability to neatlty organize and align wires without having them cross each other. The adhesive on the back allows you to stick the clips in all of the places that you need them.

$12 at Amazon
Cable clips

Cable Clips: GWHOLE Cable Clips

The GWHOLE cable clips come in a set of 100. They are extremely versatile and can be used to connect wires. They come with a strong 3M adhesive that can stick to surfaces made of metal, shallow grain plastic, glass, wood, and ceramic tile.

$9 at Amazon
CANOPUS Mounting tape

Adhesive: CANOPUS 3M Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided 3M tape is perfect for wire management. This tape is extremely strong and is great for sticking power bars and other, heavier, cables in place. You can use this tape to attach your power bars under your desk to keep them out of the way.

$12 at Amazon
Orico outlet strip

Power Outlet: Orico 10 Outlet Power Strip

The Orico Power Strip comes with 10 three-prong outlets as well as four USB ports for maximum charging potential as well as space-saving abilities. The total voltage this power strip can handle is 1250 w, and it comes with a 12-month warranty.

$23 at Amazon

Wire Labels: MOMOONNON Cable Tags

These cable tags come in an assortment of 420 pieces. The tags are color-coded, and the labels are tear and waterproof to ensure that they last as long as your cables do. They are great for organizing your wires and establishing which wires belong to which devices.

$10 at Amazon
Yecaye Cable Box

Cable Box: Yecaye Cable Managment Organizer

The Baskis Cable Management Organizer is great to hide your power bars and extra wires. This bundle comes with two boxes: one large, 16" x 6.2", box and one medium, 12.6" x 5.3", box. These boxes contain two outlet holes and are electrical insulated with ABS materials. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

$26 at Amazon
Envel Cable Management Sleeve

Cable Covers: Envel Cable Management Sleeves

This cable management sleeve is a great way to wrap and hide cables and wires. It can fit up to 12 cables and is made from high-quality neoprene material that is durable and flexible. The sleeve's length can easily be adjusted through cutting it with scissors.

$9 at Amazon
Lamicall Headset Stand Render

Headset Stand: Lamicall Headset Stand

The Lamicall Headset Stand is excellent at keeping your headphones stored neatly and out of the way. This stand can accommodate large and small-sized headsets. It is also portable so you can move it around as you organize your tabletop.

$17 at Amazon
Lamicall cell phone stand

Phone Stand: Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

The Lamicall Cell Phone Stands can greatly contribute to the organization of your work area and also keep your phone charger hidden. This stand is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones and comes in a sleek and lightweight design.

$12 at Amazon

Wire Tray: Wire Tray Desk Cable Organizer

This Wire Tray Desk Cable Organizer measures 32 inches long and comes with easy mounting instructions and hardware. It is perfect for storing and hiding cables and wires out of the way and under your desk. It can also be mounted on the side of your desk.

$25 at Amazon

Getting things organized

A combination of the above items will really take your cable management skills up a notch. Using accessories such as the J-Channel Cable Raceway will automatically make your space look more organized as the wires running along the floors and walls can be instantly covered.

If you would like to go a step further with your cable management, you may want to organize your wires through the use of clips like the GWHOLE Cable Clips and sleeves like the Envel Cable Management Sleeves. Labelling your wires ensures that you know exactly where they are all going and what they are all connected to. Using sleeves reduces the appearance of messy cords and allows you to hide multiple cables under one accessory.

Another great organizational tool is the use of power strips like the Orico 10 Outlet Power Strip as it can centralize where your wires are going. You can then hide these by using 3M Double-Sided Tape, which is a strong a strong adhesive, and attaching them underneath your desk. Taking a series of these small steps will bring you that much closer to becoming a cable management expert.

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