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Everything you need to be a cable management pro in 2022

Best Cable Management Hero
Best Cable Management Hero (Image credit: James Fitzgerald via Unsplash)

You may have the perfect setup, fully equipped with top-of-the-line monitors, desks, and gaming gadgets, but none of that matters if it looks messy and unkempt. Organizing your cables can take your setup from amateur mess to full-blown professional sleek. A neat and tidy space will help you focus and increase productivity. That's why we comprised a collection of everything you need to become a cable management pro.

Getting things organized

A combination of the above items will really take your cable management skills up a notch. Using accessories such as the J-Channel Cable Raceway (opens in new tab) will automatically make your space look more organized as the wires running along the floors and walls can be instantly covered.

If you would like to go a step further with your cable management, you may want to organize your wires through the use of clips like the GWHOLE Cable Clips (opens in new tab) and sleeves like the Envel Cable Management Sleeves (opens in new tab). Labelling your wires ensures that you know exactly where they are all going and what they are all connected to. Using sleeves reduces the appearance of messy cords and allows you to hide multiple cables under one accessory.

Another great organizational tool is the use of power strips like the Orico 10 Outlet Power Strip (opens in new tab) as it can centralize where your wires are going. You can then hide these by using 3M Double-Sided Tape (opens in new tab), which is a strong a strong adhesive, and attaching them underneath your desk. Taking a series of these small steps will bring you that much closer to becoming a cable management expert.