The Evil Within 2 brings back the horror on October 13

Bethesda has taken the covers off one of its latest projects at E3 2017, with the announcement of a second entry in the "The Evil Within" franchise. "The Evil Within 2" will revitalize the survival horror franchise after a three-year hiatus and as expected, is shaping up to be as creepy as ever.

In true The Evil Within fashion, today's teaser focuses heavily on the same paranormal events seen in the first game. From scary young children, burning houses and some truly unsettling faces, the first trailer already manages to complete the checklist of essential scenes in a horror experience.

Once again, The Evil Within 2 comes from Shinji Mikami, the director of the original Resident Evil. While it's unclear how gameplay has changed at this point in time, it still guarantees the same terrifying experience expected from the franchise.

For now, take in the cinematic teasers ahead of The Evil Within's full unveiling later down the line. The game is currently set to release on Friday, October 13, 2017, on both Xbox One and PC.

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  • I have to say it again, what is it with people using covers in trailers?
  • They can be adjusted to the flow of the trailer, take a look at Forza Horizon's 3 trailer from last year's E3