The Evil Within continues with the launch of 'The Assignment' DLC

Bethesda have just announced that The Evil Within: The Assignment is now available for purchase on Xbox One.

The Assignment is the first in a two-part, story-driven DLC for Bethesda's acclaimed survival horror title, headed by none other than Shinji Mikami, the father of Resident Evil.

The DLC is concurrent with the events of the main game, putting players in the role of detective Juli Kidman, the main character Sebastian Castellanos' partner. Juli Kidman's whereabouts are largely unknown in the main game, and 'The Assignment' and its follow-up 'The Consequence' seek to put an end to the mystery surrounding the character.

The Assignment will be followed by The Consequence, later this Spring. Both DLCs promise to include new locations, new mysteries and horrific new enemies and answers to questions raised by the base game's intriguing plot.

As a fan of Shinji Mikami and classic Resident Evil titles, The Evil Within hit a lot of the right notes with me following its launch last year. Whilst the game certainly has issues and is often a little too linear for my tastes, the fact that Bethesda are making good on their season pass commitment holds promise. Horror titles have enjoyed some attention again thanks to the likes of The Evil Within, Alien Isolation and the Resident Evil re-mastered re-make re-release (re re re re re re). Indie horror title White Night jumped from ID@Xbox to Activision and procedurally generated Kickstarter sensation Grave is slated to hit Xbox One later this year.

In addition to 'The Assignment' and 'The Consequence', Bethesda plans to release a third DLC - 'The Executioner' - later in the year on both PC and Xbox. All three are available as part of The Evil Within's Season Pass. You can purchase each DLC episode separately at $9.99 / £6.99 / €9.99 respectively, or at a discount as part of the $19.99 / £14.99 / €19.99 season pass.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Evil within is the only game I've regretted buying, for my xbone. Hate the controls.
  • I think control schemas are the hardest thing to get right in a horror game. Games like Silent Hill and older Resident Evil's limit your movement on purpose to increase panic etc, but they could get away with it more in the old days, people have higher expectations now. It's a balancing act between playability and creating tension.
  • There's no tension here. Merely frustration!
  • Haha yeah, I didn't say they got it right ;) I totally agree - especially after picking up the accuracy upgrades and so on. They could've strayed into Dead Spacey-er territory on controls, but you never really feel vulnerable in that game in my opinion - but it would've been more fun.
  • I never got past even half of first chapter and never played it again . The be honest, the only games I enjoyed from Mikami was RE 4 and 5.
  • That's fair matey, I think its very clear TEW is not for everyone haha, I quite enjoyed it though, but was frustrated by controls more than once - especiallly during boss fights.
  • Oh my god! And I thought I was the only one who had this problem!
  • Yeah I wasn't happy I spent $60 on it when I started playing it. I didn't finish it because there are tons of better games.
  • Love survival horror games.
    Love resident evil.
    Will definitely give this a chance.