Selected Evolve Xbox One testers can pre-load the game now before Oct. 30 launch

Developer Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games won't start the "Big Alpha" test of their upcoming 4-vs-1 first person shooter Evolve on the Xbox One until Thursday, October 30 but the folks who have been picked to participate in the test can go ahead and pre-load the early build of the game right now.

That's the word from the game's official web site tonight, which states that the Xbox One testing servers for Evolve will go live at noon Eastern Time (9 am Pacific Time) on October 30. PC and PS4 players will have to wait until October 31 to join their Evolve Big Alpha test, and all three testing periods will end on Monday, November 3 at 1 am Eastern time (10 pm Pacific Time on Sunday, November 2nd).

People who have pre-ordered the game before October 22 are guaranteed a spot in the Big Alpha test and 2K Games will still be giving out testing keys via various outlets before Thursday rolls around. Have you been picked for the Evolve Big Alpha test?

Sources 2K Games

John Callaham
  • I did not get picked, but that's ok, I have sunset overdrive to play.
  • Lol, time to evolve
  • Highly selective I suspect
  • I don't want to play a beta. I have games I want to play now.. Preview on phone,Xbox, and 10. I am getting tired of testing. I dont get achievements when I beta test. Its pointless the work I do doesn't carry over. I just want to play my game.
  • If you're in the Xbox preview program, could you consider adding me? GT: jigerdoodles117
  • Add me up too folks GT: Vergeofcollapse
  • Good thing that this is not a beta then
  • gess what genius it's an alpha not a beta
  • This game better be more than just a 4 vs 1 multiplayer. That would get old fast.
  • I just got the email with the code. Super excited to play this is looks awesome.
  • Same
  • Same.
    Add me, GT: SunSwinger
    Or post your gamertag if you got in! Lets get a WinCent team going!
  • Got my key. I'll be on later today, off to university for a few hours :| the joys! GT: A54DH
  • Me too!
  • me three
  • Just got my code as well.  SWEET!!!!
  • What's your GT?
  • JamesDax3
  • Have not been picked, and I so want to play in this! Sad face!
  • Got my code!! So sweet! Preloading now!! :-)
  • GT: Sunswinger
  • How are you pre-loading? I'm away from my Xbox and can't find it when searching on smart glass.
  • You just enter the 25 digit code from the email on the site
  • Enter the Code ( I copypasted it into the browser on > Profile > Redeem Code ) you've received from the Developers via Email and it'll appear in your Consoles Game List from where you can start the Preload. As I'm fairly new to the Console I wasn't aware that I'd need an active Xbox Live Gold Membership running ( what can I say... I don't have that many Online Games yet so why bother? ) and with the 2 Weeks that shipped with the Console already gone I was kinda sitting there with a little disappointment. LUCKILY I found the 1 Month free Trial you can get from ( I guess that's a one time thing... ) before I went and purchased a 12 Month subscription from a local reseller ( which would be cheaper )
  • Downloading now! GT: jpw21683
  • I am downloading it right now :) Not all that hyped anymore with so many games on my Xbox, exclusive or not, but really hope its great cause we need more coop based games to be great. I know they matter more than solo ti most people.
  • GT : HeAvY MeTaL GR
  • I got picked and I didn't preorder, cant wait to try it out!
  • Picked.  Pre-downloading now :-D
  • I got in too ^_^ but all these recent games are just holding me till my babies return to my Xbox. The Master Chief Collection! I just preordered cod tho...dont know how I feel about that.
  • I just received an email that I've been selected. YAHOOO! I didn't preorder this game yet. We'll see how the game plays before I do so.
  • Yay. I got my code today! :D
  • :) :D
  • Really weird I preordered the game which was supposed to guarantee access but I got nothing.
  • I got picked!!!
  • Got my code! GT: Solo Wing23
  • Got it downloaded. Cant wait till the 30th
  • Sorry if this is a dumb question.  I just redeemed the code online.  How do I start pre-loading it onto the console from the website (I'm at work and away from the console obviously).
  • If,you have your XboxOne in stand by mode (when you can say Xbox On) then the DL should,start automatically
  • Got mine and got it DL while I am at work. 
  • If you want to play and haven't got selected, I'm giving a code away to the first person who replies to this comment :)
  • I've got a buddy who could use that code
  • I've PM'd you the code. Let me know when you've recieved it. Have fun! 
  • I got in downloaded,last night game still isn't available to play
  • I just got an email for 4 codes when I already got one automatically for being in the beta preview program.
  • would love to take a code off your hands gamertag iLOVEganja13
  • If anyone has an extra code, my Xbox one gamer tag is The Hurricane22 Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  • Anyone who wants to play when it goes live my G/T is ThyMadHatter106
  • any one with extra code greatly appreciate it gamertag iLOVEganja13 thnks
  • I have bein picked and download it but still carnt play says the 30th but that's today I am in uk
  • Im in the states and cant play either...i think thye maybe having issues...  
  • I received my code for being in the xbox preveiw program, but i also recieved one from Turtle rock so that means i have one extra for xbox one..Hit me up if you need it GT: BigWyrmmm
  • Anyone got an extra code they don't need on Xbox one?