Extra Settings setting updated

The Extra Settings setting is a new feature on the Samsung Focus S and Flash. As we mentioned earlier it covers Auto Display Intensity, Key Vibration Feedback and Echo Cancellation. It is also apparently being treated as an application instead of a firmware feature in that it was updated this morning via the Marketplace.

Along with the Extra Settings, the High Fidelity Positioning settings were updated as well. So far the updates have only come through on the Samsung Focus S and not the Focus Flash. As to what the update covered, no clue. With the settings not changing it was likely a bug fix or a test to see if it could be done.

We have heard one report that the Focus S's screen seems brighter when set to automatic and I have to admit mine does look a little better after updating. More than likely it's coincidence in that our eyes are getting used to the screen.

If you've received the updates and have noticed a difference, feel free to chime in over in this Forums discussion or in the comments below.

Thanks goes out to pinbak and Dave for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • With my original Focus, I could have my AUX cable plugged in while in my truck, and phone calls worked fine when interrupting music playback. However, with the exact same setup, my Focus S microphone doesn't seem to be working when I answer a call - I hear the caller repeatedly saying HELLO? but they cannot hear me. Very frustrated...
  • Does the Samsung Focus S support Adobe Flash? The Samsung website is advertising it does! https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F2Flink..."This is exactly what your movies, photos and favorite Adobe® Flash® Technology compatible Websites deserve."
  • No Windows Phone wil support Flash.. Only HTML5...
  • I reported that to Samsung about two hours after the site went live. It is incorrect.Windows Phone (thankfully) does not support Adobe Flash.
  • What's wrong with Flash? (dare I ask...)
  • Yeah, it would be lame if we were able to view every website's content on our phones. Far better to exclude a fair portion of websites, amirite?
  • lol no. Prolly just lame copy and paste from a galaxy S phone.
  • Yeah, I know it doesn't support Flash but I contacted them by chat to double check and to inform them myself of the obviously C&P, and the knucklehead said over and over it did support Flash... HAHA! I had to have the guy transfer me to a supervisor to finally get the correct information and to get it soon corrected.
  • Who localized this screen? It should be "extra settings" not "extra setting" LOL