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The Fallout 4 Pip Boy edition: My smartwatch is better than yours

Having been announced earlier in the year, the Pip Boy edition of Fallout 4 gives you your very own replica of the games infamous wearable to enhance your own in-game experience. Coupled with the cross-platform mobile app for Windows Phone, Android and iPhone, you're about as close as you'll ever get to the real deal.

And it just looks bad ass.

Here's what you get inside the elaborate box.

  • Pip Boy 3000 wearable with display stand
  • Fallout 4 collectors edition steel case game
  • Download code for Fallout 3
  • A bunch of foam inserts for different phones
  • Pip Boy instruction manual
  • Fallout 4 perks chart poster

So what does all that look like? The gallery below has you covered on that front.

There have been some that have passed off the Pip Boy as nothing more than a smartphone case. I'm not honestly sure what else it was ever really going to be, but yes, it does house your smartphone. So long as it's around the 5-inch mark. That in itself is pretty limiting to, well, Android phone owners, perhaps less so on Windows Phone.

There are pre-cut foam inserts for the various iPhones (not the 6 Plus) and the recent Galaxy phones from Samsung. That makes sense, since if you're doing something like this you'd target the mass majority. There is also one you can "cut to fit" but it's not giving you much foam to work with. I haven't tried yet, but I'll figure out some way of jamming a phone in there.

But yes, it's a very large, very wearable smartphone case. And with a phone inside becomes the biggest, baddest smartwatch around. Though I probably wouldn't recommend going outside with it on. It's a lot bigger than I imagined. But it's very comfortable. It opens up down the middle to strap your arm in, though you will need to put the phone in first since both it and your arm are linked by the main clasp.

I'm not going to 'review' it, because that would honestly be besides the point. It's a bit of fun. It's a great add-on to have in a collectors edition of such a high profile game. The version I picked up also came with a Vault 111 T-shirt and a Vault Boy bobblehead, so I'm pretty comfortable with how much I got for the outlay.

Now, it's time to strap in and go forth into the wasteland.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • You are totally going to wear it outside. I know I would. Rock that thing at a fancy dinner, be productive with Fallout 4 everywhere, like a Mr. House.
  • i need this because of reasons !!!
  • Does the 640xl fit? Will the 950xl?
  • No. The size of phone required is mentioned in the post.
  • Yes but i don't really carry a ruler with me to measure my phone
  • You know how big the display size is surely.
  • Don't call me Shirley.
  • You win the internet sir
  • I'd rather want the pipboy app on my Surface pro, so I can use it while playing the full game on my gaming PC, it would be SO GREAT! Also, playing a Bethesda game right after the release is always bad, wait for a couple of weeks/months before to let them fix all the bugs left in the game, as usual :)
  • Late users lose the ability to watch dogs drive invisible flying cars. Corrupt game saves or crashes would be the only things to stop me from playing.
  • i thought that had a self screen, that model its the one that they showed at first?
  • Nope... always had a phone inside to provide the screen
  • I like how the insert lists the app store and google play to download the companion app but no mention of windows store despite offering the app.
  • This move makes me limit my spending to any company that does this. They apparently don't want my money anyways.
  • Awww I can't afford a X1 right now. Can't wait to play this game!
  • Frustratingly, the Lumia 930 almost fits, but it doesn't.
  • I dare someone to leave the house with it on. Might get attacked by raiders lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think the 950 might fit in this, but I doubt the 950XL will.
  • This redneck was walking up and down the line outside Gamestop last night waving 500 around trying to buy a pip boy edition sounding like a carnie
  • I have a coworker who took 4 days off work just to play this game - and got the pipboy too.
  • Too bad the game engine is tied to FPS, and that the engine is optimised (seemingly) pretty poorly, as I can't get a good framerate with an i7 6700k, 16GB DDR4, and a Radeon R9 390X running at 2560x1440 with settings maxed*. Even 50FPS jitters like it's running around 30. GTA V on the other hand? Looks better, runs great at 40-80FPS 2560x1440 settings maxed*. I think it's time for Bethesda to scrap this engine, it has aged terribly. Aside from that, the game itself is decent so far, it's just unfortunate that it doesn't seem as if the engine is up to snuff. (To those wondering what's so bad about the engine being tied to the framerate? It means that if my PC (or an XB1 or PS4 frankly) at any point dip to 30FPS, the game itself will be running at around 50% speed since they tied it to the average refresh rate of most displays (60hz == 60fps). So, conversely for PC gamers, having a monitor beyond 60hz is detrimental to gameplay as you must cap the game to 60FPS or change your monitor's refresh rate to 60hz, which is not how it should be. To anyone who has run an emulator of some sort and turned up the speed or messed with the frame locks--it's the same exact thing (which just highlights how ridiculous it is that Bethesda is still using this in their engine today). To AOE2 (the re-release) players, they just got done separating their old engine from being dependent on the framerate to improve the appearance of the game when the game itself gets bogged down and to improve MP gameplay. Bottom line: it's a really old practice that has been more-or-less phased out for most genres for 15ish years). *Maxed out settings, FXAA instead of MSAA/TAA/etc.    
  • Didn't Bethesda intentionally keep the game at 30fps
  • Fallout 4 runs very smooth on my PC with dual 980 ti 16GB DDR4 3000mhz and i7 5820K overclocked to 4.4 Ghz My settings are all maxed out and I run the game at 4K
  • Congratulations, but that's a bit overkill for this game. A 6700k @ 4.6GHz w/ 16GB RAM and an R9 390X overclocked to 1115MHz should run this at 60FPS @ 1080/1440p no problem, but it doesn't. I have no problem with Fallout 3 modded to hell, but Fallout 4 (which looks visually worse after the mods are factored in) runs like garbage. In fact, my rig is overkill for this game, yet it still has lag spikes putting it down to 40FPS or lower for 10-30 seconds at a time. This holds true with my friends' rigs, who are running the same graphics cards at 1080p, albeit slightly older CPUs (which shouldn't matter much, as the game only taxes mine at 30%). I can pull off 40-80fps on GTA V @ 1440p max settings. I can pull off 60FPS on Star Wars Battlefront @ 1440p max settings without any stuttering. Both of those games look 5x better than Fallout 4. Bottom line: Fallout 4's engine is terribly optimized, and just because it runs well on a $3000 machine, doesn't mean it runs well. ​Don't make excuses for terribly made games, t-t-t-troll.  
  • I liked this initially... but seeing it now, I'm really glad I didn't get it!
  • My son got this and his Lumia 925 fits with some trimming of one of the foam inserts.
  • The 640 does not fit with the factory shell but with that removed it is almost perfect.