Fallout 4's Nuka-Cola Quantum will be sold in Target stores in the US

While the UK is getting Fallout Beer, US residents will be getting their own real-life drink based on the best-selling Fallout game series. The official Fallout Twitter page has revealed that Nuka-Cola Quantum, a favorite drink for people in that post-apocalypse future Earth, will soon appear in real Target stores in the US.

Game publisher Bethesda Softworks is teaming up with Jones Soda to release Nuka-Cola Quantum, which as you can see has the same blue color found in the in-game version of the drink. Nuka-Cola Quantum will go on sale November 10, the same day the latest game in the series, Fallout 4, is released for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. There's no word yet on how much Nuka-Cola Quantum will cost.

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Source: Fallout (Twitter)

John Callaham