Fallout 4's Nuka-Cola Quantum will be sold in Target stores in the US

While the UK is getting Fallout Beer, US residents will be getting their own real-life drink based on the best-selling Fallout game series. The official Fallout Twitter page has revealed that Nuka-Cola Quantum, a favorite drink for people in that post-apocalypse future Earth, will soon appear in real Target stores in the US.

Game publisher Bethesda Softworks is teaming up with Jones Soda to release Nuka-Cola Quantum, which as you can see has the same blue color found in the in-game version of the drink. Nuka-Cola Quantum will go on sale November 10, the same day the latest game in the series, Fallout 4, is released for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. There's no word yet on how much Nuka-Cola Quantum will cost.

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Source: Fallout (Twitter)

John Callaham
  • Does it light up?
  • Doubt it, but I'd love them forever if it did. I might love them forever anyways... Still though.
  • Going to target
  • None of these special edition video game drinks ever turn out tasting good.
  • Looks like jones blue bubblegum soda
  • Prob is, look at the bottom of the label.
  • Its berry lemonade and its delicious
  • Brawndo
  • There are no plants to crave it in this game.
  • The thirst mutilator? I prefer water, like from the toilet.
    Brought to you by Karl's Jr.
  • Last good one for me was the halo 3 game fuel. I actually quite miss that one.
  • These on a uv lit fridge next to some iced hpnotq...
  • I'm certain it's healthy. Drink 10.
  • I'll be on this for sure.
  • This will look nice next to my OverCharge Delirium XT.  It certainly won't taste good :)
  • Any word on Canada?
  • So we get crappy beer and you guys get what is probably the real deal. You lucky sods lol.
  • At least you can drink many beers, soda is gonna taste bad and not gonna be worth the calories
  • Lol it looks like a jones soda rebrand
  • Lol,lol,lol,lol, hey guy did you read, it is a Jones soda rebrand
  • Its berry lemonade
  • Well some of us don't drink alcohol at all, let alone smoke. Rebrand or not, these bottles would have looked real nice in a modded pc case I'm planning to build lol.
  • I think I'd rather drink crappy beer than crappy softdrink... at least you can still get a buzz from the beer, the softdrink will just rot your teeth and give you diabetes ;)
  • Wasnt it found that diabetes (type 2) comes about more because of being over weight than sugar intake?
  • Why so much gaga about fallout.Is this game that damn good.
  • 3 and New Vegas were 100's of hours excellent. Good is an understatement.
  • I'm with you, fallout and Skyrim were the only two games I played for years!!!!! Never got bored of it.
  • I had a co worker that was so hyped on New Vegas I got it and am so glad I did. My favorite non sports game franchise ever.
  • My VATS is set on Target. Jones is good stuff. Would love me some Sunset Sarsaparillas too.
  • You're going to shoot Target? Please wait until I get my soda, if you're shooting at mine.
  • Best get there before I get my 30. Twice the calories, twice the carbs, twice the caffeine, twice the taste. And glowing piss from Strontium-90.
  • Man this hype train is outta control
  • This isn't a StarWars thread
  • I'm aware of that fully. And thank you
  • That was an American joke Saul, you're welcome for the laugh
  • What about Germany?
  • I remember when Jones soda first came on the scene.. Slick marketing I will say to sell sugar water
  • I'm hoping its the berry flavored. That's my absolute favorite Jones soda!!!! Man I've never been so excited for a game!!!! Even more than destiny!
  • Its berry lemonade the best
  • I can't recall all the hype when FO3 came out? Anyone?
  • Might go and check this out
  • This is what Pepsi should have done for the Back To The Future Pepsi Perfect product. They failed everyone waiting for a Pepsi Perfect after 30 years.
  • They can't afford it. Their sales have been tanking.
  • The problem is that nobody wants to drink Pepsi, even novelty stuff
  • Says you, coke is for the iPhone crowd says me
  • Shut up and take my caps
  • I'm not sure I trust blue cola.
  • You shouldn't!
  • Ill be playing the new game while drinking the famous drink hell yeah
  • I'm going to get one for my desk at work.
  • Is it radioactive?