The Fallout 76 'Country Roads' cover will go on sale for charity in July

One of the things that stands out (besides the awesomeness of Fallout of course) from the Fallout 76 trailer is the music. The track played is incredibly famous, the iconic "Take Me Home Country Roads" originally by John Denver.

The song will be made available for download from the iTunes Store beginning on July 4, with Bethesda donating 100% of the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.

Starting July 4, visit the iTunes store to purchase the Inkspots-inspired cover of the classic John Denver song "Take Me Home Country Roads" as heard in the Fallout 76 official announcement trailer Bethesda will donate 100% of its proceeds, with a minimum donation of $100,000, from sales of the single to Habitat for Humanity to assist in the organisation's goal of transforming lives and communities through affordable housing.

A ton of people have been trying to figure out which version of the song was playing in the trailer, and while there's a few weeks to wait, it'll be in your head until then anyway.

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Richard Devine
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