Fallout Pip-Boy app blasts onto Windows Phone

Update: We can now report that Fallout Pip-Boy is visible in the Store to everyone, including Windows 10 Mobile users! Thanks, PaulMD, for the tip!

Original Story: If you were one of the lucky folks to get a pre-order in for the Fallout 4 Collector's Edition that includes a real-life Pip-Boy, you can now download the required companion app onto your Windows Phone. The Fallout Pip-Boy app landed on Windows Phone today, teasing a bit of the fun that can be had when the Pip-Boy is in your hands on November 10.

With the Fallout Pip-Boy app, you'll be able to slide your smartphone into your real-life Pip-Boy and use it to keep track of your in-game stats, inventory, map and radio. Even cooler, you can play special Fallout mini-games in an admittedly awkward fashion on your arm. Of course, you can also use the app without sliding it into the Pip-Boy — it's just more fun that way.

Pip-Boy screenshots

If you're interested in grabbing the app ahead of the Fallout 4's launch on November 10, you can check out the app now — albeit in demo mode.

Also be aware that the link to the Windows Store below isn't currently working, and you'll have to go about grabbing the app by manually searching in the 8.1 store (it doesn't show in the universal Store). The link should go live relatively soon, however, so sit tight.

Download Fallout Pip-Boy for Windows Phone

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