Far Cry 3 joins the Xbox One backward compatibility list

Another new game is hitting the Xbox One backward compatibility list today, and it's a biggie: Far Cry 3 (opens in new tab). In a break from the usual batches of games to hit the list, Far Cry 3 is the only game hitting the list today, but it's definitely big enough to carry the day on its own.

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Far Cry 3, for anyone unfamiliar, is an open world shooter that throws you into a fight for your life on a large, dangerous island in the middle of nowhere.

While traveling with friends, you are taken captive and brutalized. Your only hope of survival lies in unraveling the dark secrets of the island and its deranged inhabitants. Alone at the edge of the world, where nothing is what it seems, you must find a way to fight back and escape this island of insanity.

Far Cry 3 is actually the second entry in the series to become backward compatible, following in the footsteps of the smaller (and much goofier) Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. If you already own the game, you should be able to start playing right away on your Xbox One. If not, you can pick up Far Cry 3 for $20 at the Xbox 360 Marketplace now.

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  • Damn it, I was really hoping for FC4 to come to BC. I've already finished FC3. Hopefully its one step closer now though.
  • As you say, it's one more step. Shows that Ubisoft is plenty open to their games coming over. The only concern though, is that FC4 already has an Xbox One release, so I'm not certain they would care enough to sign off on it. Annoying business practice for the consumer, but it make sense for the publisher.
  • The things you learn everyday. I never knew FC4 was available on Xbox One (and PS4).
  • One of the far cry games I haven't played. This and the new primal. I really need try them both out. I really like 2 and 4.
  • I played 3 and Blood Dragon and both are very good. Just bought FC4 last week and plan on playing it next month. I'm guessing I'm gonna love it too.
  • Blood dragon is also great!
  • Although I did purchase Far Cry 3 for Xbox 360 before, I honestly hope there's a remaster version for this game, the graphic performance of this game looks a bit weird for some scenes in Xbox 360.
  • Far Cry 3 is fine but what I really want is FC 2. Not as popular but a much more daring designed game.