File management app Metro Commander Pro on sale for just $0.10

File management app Metro Commander Pro is currently discounted to just $0.10 on the Windows Store, down from its $7.99 asking price. Unlike other file management utilities, Metro Commander offers a two-pane layout, allowing you to copy and paste content without leaving your source folder. You also get a built-in image and video player, and the Universal app also offers OneDrive integration.

Here's what you get with Metro Commander Pro:

  • Easily create, open, preview, rename, copy, move, delete, search and share files and folders.
  • Browse your documents faster with navigation buttons (back, forward, up), thumbnail previews, shortcuts to your Images, Music and Videos folders and the ability to add shortcuts to your favorite folders.
  • Manage your online files by logging into your OneDrive account.

The deal is valid for three days, so if you're looking for a robust file management utility, be sure to give Metro Commander Pro a shot.

Download Metro Commander Pro from the Windows Store ($0.10) (opens in new tab)

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Discount applies for windows 10 devices only genius...
  • I know right? It's of no use in Windows 10 Mobile, however, remember that once you acquire the license, you can download it in Windows 8.1 devices using the same Microsoft account
  • Why $0.10? Make it free
  • No.
  • Daniel - If you're going to have tradedoubler in all of the download links, can you please at least have writers include QR Codes? 
  • Woah Daniel, you made this app?
  • Cheap a$$!
  • Would you rather have 1000 people pay you 10c or no cents ? Why don't you stop being such a tight wad?
  • The problem is that some people cannot pay, cause of region, or other things;).
  • Huh? bought it here up i Norway..  
  • Quick question, how did you manage to purchase app in Norway. Recently I have a big problems ordering anything that requires payment regardless that I hve valid credit card and paypal registered. Nokia Lumia 1020 W10M 10586.36
  • Go with total commander if you want free 
  • Exactly, perfect app, two panes as well, works like a charm, has cloud integration and created by a long time Windows Supporter, love the app and wouldn't want to miss the Total Commander on my Desktop Computer.
  • Pocket File Manager is best :)
  • It was free before for a day ..... And i had bought it then ;P
  • I think about all the people that would jump on board because it's 10 cents.
  • I can't believe someone took the time and effort to post a comment because they're too cheap to pay even 10 %@*&!?# cents! Pathetic. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm rather happy with the stock File Explorer on my Lumia !!!
  • Well you have poor requirements to a file explorer than :) 
  • What, like portrait mode?
  • Stock file manager is crap, except for the UI which I find attractive. Try to delete 10 videos at once and boom! Crash! Try to move contents to a different folder and the content of the target folder disappear for few minutes. Try to select items and share via Shareit, you won't be successful at first try. Highly unstable. The "Files" app from WP8.1 is way more stable and snappy. And these 3rd-party file managers certanly do a better job.
  • Agreed.
  • Feedback it
  • Do we really need this in windows 10? File explorer works fine for me.. Anyway I already have this app. but not using it anymore..
  • it's exactly what I wanna ask..
  • Something a little more touch friendly?
  • So what do you have against the ecosystem having options?
  • No one from wp community would say no to have choices in the eco system. Just trying to know if anything special, unique in this so that everyone will come to know. As simple as that..
  • Then ask that question specifically. What you did was question why have the choice since the one you use works for you.
  • Good app but i prefer Your Files for windows 10, that i have discovered on app spotlight forum. it's young and with some little bugs but supports dropbox, google drive and ftp and split screen. i hope windows central can give it a review :P    
  • do you have the url?
  • You can find in the store or here  
  • Got it when it was free :-)
  • Got it just now. I can spare a dime.
  • Does it also sets music files directly as ringtones on phone like Pocket File Manager
  • Too bad the discount is not applied to the WP8.1 version.
  • Lol if only they could offer the same idea the xbox store has offering an option to buy it irrespective of the current version being run
  • We need more phone file managers that can access shared folders on local networks.
  • This :)
  • What he said!
  • People start asking free stuff everywhere, and when they charge you small prices they are still unhappy about it. 
  • ^ This. $4-5 on that daily morning half double decaffeinated half-caf with a twist of lemon is considered affordable, but a one-time dime breaks the bank.
  • I have spent about £150 on useful apps and features so far, but comparing it to coffee is silly. Most people who spend money on junk food so often, are money-wasters and are exactly the kind of people who don't complain about app prices.
  • I have poket file manager:) nothing topps that baby
  • The app still has 8.1 UI, not yet optimize for windows phone 10
  • I want file manager with support ftp
  • Your files do this!
  • Onenote is getting its latest update.
  • How do we search the store for these low cost deals, can't seem to sort into price order.. I've installed the 'deals app' get an almost daily 'new deals' notification but it never shows these deals?
  • AppRaisin is a good way to find good info on apps and app deals.
  • Purchased but I'm not sure what makes it better than the default file explorer other than the built-in video/music player.
  • Can I buy this using Debit card in India ???
  • Do we still need a file manager, i guess developer is a lol
  • I didn't know if its for Mobile or Desktop.
  • Got it
  • Why a dime? It just cheapens the value for all other apps in the store. If your great solution to a problem isn't worth a few bucks to anyone, you probably aren't solving a problem anyone has.
  • Ever heard of a promotion done to increase product visibility and install base? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is this the metrocommander app by Finebits OU?