Find out which version of Windows 10 you will get when you upgrade for free

If you own a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC, you likely know that your machine is eligible to get a free upgrade to Windows 10 when it launches July 29. That free upgrade offer will last for a year after that date, but which Windows 10 SKU will you get for that free upgrade? Microsoft has revealed that information on their Windows 10 specification page.

If you own a PC with Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home or Windows 7 Home Premium, Microsoft will give your machine an upgrade to Windows 10 Home. Owners with Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate will get Windows 10 Professional.

Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 with Bing users will get Windows 10 Home, while Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro for Students owners will be upgraded to Windows 10 Professional. As Microsoft has previously announced, owners of Windows RT devices like the Surface RT and Surface 2 won't get a free upgrade to Windows 10, although they are supposed to get some kind of update that will add some of Windows 10's features.

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John Callaham
  • Windows 7 pirated => Windows 10 Home for Illegal Users
  • So my desktop @win7 ultimate and lappy @win8.1 pro will get win10 pro... Noice!!!!!!
  • Windows 8.1 with Media Center get FU version
  • and then, there are many and sometimes better alternatives than Media Center... so complains and crying about that features is dumb.
  • _Emi_, Please name one alternative to Media Center that allows the use of a cablecard for encryped content.  
  • You ever stop to think maybe that's one reason they don't make Media Center anymore? Look at Blu-Ray disc drives. The copyright people do everything they can to make it hard to watch Blu-Rays on the PC. Maybe it's the same for the cable companies.
  • No
  • It is what it is. If you want to record cable you need cablecard. . . .
  • Kodi (formerly XBMC) Emby (formerly Media Browser)   just need a good frontend and your good to go.
  • As there is at least 3-4 big Blu-ray software packages that has direct plugins for Windows Media Center. SO yes, with a $80-100 software addon, you can play blu-rays right inside Windows Media Center...all used by a remote. Still to this day, no matter what everyone likes, Every 3rd party HTPC/DVR software is COMPARED to WIndows MEdia Center. It still is the ONLY one that can do cablecards with Protected content and no other option is as smoth, simple to setup and a reallly WAF acceptable interface. Then No other option has the Extender model, where a off the shelf device can expand all that content to any room in your home. I hate people who think they know it all on this subject when they are really clueless.
  • In Canada we don't even have cable card as an option with cable. The only way I can record cable TV is with the service provider's set top box. I was forced to drop Windows Media Center years ago when analog TV died. It sucked at first, and I was posting / complaining on the internet forums just like you are now, but I have to say it's not even close to the huge deal I thought it was back then. Looking back on it now, I wish I didn't hang on so long, and I didn't have all the streaming video options you have today (I still don't have all the streaming video options you have now). So I guess what I'm saying is it seems bad now, but you're in a better position than I was when I gave up recording cable to my computer. I'm sure you'll be just fine once you get over the initial shock.
  • Does work for you?
  • Isengard
  • Your ignorance is showing.
  • ...and so is complaining about complaints. I never use WMC but I know that it's the only thing that works with certain tv cards.
  • Then why are you complaining about complaint about complaint?
  • thse tv cards were a complete failure. the number of people using them and wmc is small. They provided support for a long time but now it doesn't make economic sense to continue it. I'm sure someone will come out with software to keep supporting the niche market.
  • Doubtful.  It'll need CableLabs certification. 
  • Actually, Media Center is the ONLY option currently available if you need something that is compatible with CableCard to watch and record encrypted content.  So, saying that there are many options is flat-out false for the tens of thousands of us that have HTPCs set up as our main media hub and television DVR.
  • Isn't there supposed to be a DVR feature coming to the Xbox for Windows app? Or am I wrong?
  • You might have to leave that PC permanently on its current OS...
    On a similar note, I'm probably leaving my dell venue 8 pro on Win8.1 still prefer it for small tablets, will upgrade my laptop and desktops to Win10
  • Hey I too have dvp8 I am not sure whether I should upgrade or not. Dell should notify us about this with something..... Try contacting dell.... I will also try....
  • And that's exactly the problem. We don't need Media Center anymore since Windows 10 (and also Win 8) has a UI which could be perfectly aranged for use at a TV screen, and that's mainly what Media Center is all about. What we defnitly need are some realy good apps to fill in the gap of missing features, most important a live TV and DVR app which is capable of all recieving technics. Here in Europe we need DVB (-T, -S and -C) but I understand that there are other broadcasting standards in use which should be included. I'm using PC recievers for quite some time, both for cable (digital and analog) and terestical, and I always struggle withe bad software. Finaly the one I'm using now is working for basical watching, but timeshift or DVR is not possible without a crash. And even when just I start the app it crashes a lot. But the good thing with this solution is that I don't have to load some kind of a second launcher in order to watch TV. What's the point with having games and stuff in Media Center? It used to be a good option when Windows just had his classical Desktop which is horrible on a TV screen, but no I want a state of the art solution wich would be a modern app.
  • Get all those tuners from Digital Devices Germany.
    Ordered online, shipped to South Africa and never had an issue.
    Used to have the Bristish Blackgold, but that only worked for 7 months.
  • You really dont have a clue. There is a difference from a desktop, to a dedicated media interface that is fully controllable via a remote control (NOT NEEDING A KEYBOARD or MOUSE). Tried it with 8.1 and tried it with WIndows 10 in tablet mode, Not even close and still not a DVR. If you dont use it, or never really played with it, cool but, dont go spitting out crap that you dont have a clue about.
  • Did you try ?
  • _Emi_,. You do make some good inteligent posts here. There really is not a better option right now, if you really want me to lay it out WHY it's better, send me a PM, I'll give you the reasons why.
  • If you don't like the free upgrade offered to you, then stay with your previous OS since you like it so much. Microsoft has no obligation to offer you an upgrade offering the same capability as the product that you have bought and used.
  • I realize they are under no obligation to bow to MY requests.  But it's not just me.  As I said, there are tens of thousands of us that use Media Center with CableCard tuners.  It was included free in 7.  It was a (expensive) paid upgrade in 8/8.1.  There is no real technical reason that it couldn't be included in W10.  I know that we'd all be willing to pay a reasonable fee for it to be an optional add-on. I realize the cable (cabal) company hates that I'm not paying them $30-$40 per month for each DVR in my house, but I don't want their packaged, limited, non-upgradable product.  For what a single DVR lease fee adds up to over the course of a year, I can build an HTPC and own it.
  • I think this may be a US-only problem. At least here in the UK, the only cable provider bundles in the box with the subscription, and they won't connect up boxes off eBay to their network.  I would presume that the reason why Microsoft are ditching Media Center is that people don't use it enough for it to be cost effective for them to keep supporting it.
  • In the US you get 1 box included in your subscription then with Comcast its 10$ each addition box and then 10$ for HD and another 10$ for DVR and then all sorts of taxes and fees.  So i got a Bundle deal which is supposed to be 100$ a month but it ends up being like 150-175 after all the fees and extras.  Its a gip but its either that or i get a shitty 40/1.5 dsl line and Dish for ~100 a month.  With no guarantee of clear weather (minnesota) dish would be a horrible option.
  • I am running Windows 7 Ultimate with the Windows Media Center on my HTPC. The primary purpose of the HTPC is a DVR that dumps recorded programs into my server for later viewing. Since it is not my destop that I interacted everyday, I see no point updating that PC to Windows 10. I would presume most people use WMC as a DVR with limited interaction. Then why the urge to upgrade to Windows 10 and complain about not having WMC in Windows 10.
  • "The primary purpose of the HTPC is a DVR that dumps recorded programs into my server for later viewing." That's a neat trick.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work for many of us.  I'm not sure what provider you use, but in the Dallas area with Time Warner Cable, nearly every show broadcast is designated "copy once" which means it will ONLY play on the device to which it was originally recorded.  I have tried myultiple methods to stream recorded TV to other devices in the house, and none of them work.
    As far as my complaints, there are other feature of Windows 10 that I would like to be able to leverage on my HTPC, but that lack of Media Center makes that a non-starter.
  • "It was a (expensive) paid upgrade in 8/8.1"   If I remember correctly WMC for Windows 8 was only $10 a PC.   That's not particularly expensive.....
  • Actually, in Windows 8.1, you can only get Media Center if you first upgrade to the Pro version by way of buying and installing the "Pro Pack", which is $99.  Then, on only then, are you given teh option to add the "Media Pack", which contains Media Center, for another $10.  So a total of $109 just to get Media Center.  Expensive.
  • I did not know that you could only get WMC if you had Windows 8 Pro.   I had Windows 8 Pro and so only spent $10.   If it was true that the only upgrade to WMC was through Pro and Home couldn't get it, then yes I would say that was pretty lame for Microsoft to do...
  • and that is the problem. tens of thousands is a small market to keep maintaining support the software and paying royalty fees. if tens of molliôns of windows pnone users is to small for a mobile game developer to port and support the software, then tens of thousands is too small for anyone to bother with at all. the companies making the cable cards need to develop the software. 
  • Something is fishy here
  • +Win 8.1 pro
  • I'm assuming Pro if you're on the Preview then
  • You can check which preview you have under system properties.
    Edit. Both my machines say pro, when they both weren't pro...
  • It says now "Windows 10 Home Insider Preview" in the lower right corner, so I don't know if we'll get Pro.
  • On my tablet it's showing Windows 10 Home Insider Preview, on my PC it's showing Pro instead.
  • 'Edition: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview'; This is on my laptop
  • It all depends on the license key used to activate it.
  • When will they announce rt features or path?
  • I'm hoping that MS doesn't forget this promise.  My Surface RT has been my go to device for a couple years.  It works fantastically, so I have no plans to upgrade soon.  Still, I'd like to see some of the features W10 offers.
  • Cortana app ported from IOS, and more settings, that's my bet.
  • I doubt it has to be ported from anywhere. It was likely ported TOO iOS and Android.
  • Well in WX and WXM it's built in, in IOS and Android is an app. Rt is probably just getting an app.
  • That doesn't mean it was ported from there. They likely used the same base code from windows phone 8.1, since that's all ARM based and likely not that different.
  • Is that how any of us will see it?
    And it was somewhat of a joke, but serious, but don't be so serious, it's just a joke.
  • Same here
  • Same here! I love my Lumia 2520 too, but I think Microsoft will piss off the RT users and focuses on money, than satisfied customers ...
  • Yea I wanna know about that too
  • Is there any gamer here? I want to download the 10 preview but i like to play my games too... Do they work well? Like gta, battlefield.. Etc..?
  • Just wait for two months and you should get the release version. In its current state Windows 10 is buggy with lots of issues. Even if your games work on the current build, they might break on the next
  • Buggy? I've found it to be pretty solid, within reason. Obviously not perfect, but way less buggy than I'd have thought. 
  • I have no sound with 10130... desperately waiting for an 101XX ISO. 10074 was pretty good stability wise. but i dont wanna roll back that far.
  • Wait the official release. You'll have more issues than advantages.
  • Couldn't agree more. MS have never, ever done anything in the way of releases without some idiot mistakes that seem to always have to be accepted by those who place their trust repeatedly in their products. MS is Mighty Sucks when it comes to efficient and professional implementation of product. The real question is: why are people's memories so bad.? MS is doing crappy with repeated updates that always have some kind of issues like needing their troubleshooter to fix a registry or update problem. Why do you expect anything different?
    It is an extremely unstable and unreliable os. ALWAYS some kind of issue! When will they realize that people don't work for MS, that the time wasted on their product issues is wasted time?
  • Probably worth researching the games your interested in. But here's something to wet your appetite....(check the fps's out)
  • Don't even think about it if you have a Radeon graphics card. My display driver is crashing constantly in games and normal usage. (Can't say it happens to all Radeons, but it's been a ridiculous problem for my 270x)
  • my r9 280x has been working flawlessly ever since I joiden the insider program in february
  • Exact same issue with me. My 270X HAWK crashes constantly. Rolling back to 8.1 now. Lets see what the final release gets us.
  • I've been gaming on Win 10 since it came out. Everything is fine. Everything through every build has been fine. The new Win 10 nVidia drivers make things more fine. 
  • Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Heroes of the Storm, Borderlands 2, Little Inferno and Counter Strike: Global Offensive work perfectly under Windows 10. So far there haven't been any issues with Steam nor, but can't say for other services.
  • Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Assassins' Creed IV, Far Cry 4 etc, all work on my Radeon graphics card. Provided I can keep it on the omega driver and current beta driver. That beta driver also sent my PC into blue screen loop, but now it just breaks some apps like the Mirrilis Action Game Recorder, and ironically AMD Gaming Evolved.
  • I have NBA 2k15, GTA V, and Crysis 3 on my computer. Only one that had any issues is NBA 2k15. It still plays perfectly well, but it hasn't been able to connect to 2k servers since I upgraded to Win 10, therefore I am using out-of-date rosters and can't play online. Otherwise the other games work well.
  • Big gamer here, You WILL want to go to WIndows 10. DirectX 12 (the newest version) will only be supported on Windows 10 (no support in 7 or 8.1). Been playing a lot of games in WIndows 10, so far Nvidia drivers are pretty good, a little buggy but, getting awesome performance on games with my GTX970... Been playing GTA 5 with everything maxed with FLAWLESS performance.
  • It's very bad for some owners of the Surface RT or Surface 2... This tablet is dead... :|
  • Though, ironically, the fanless design should keep RT units working long after the Intel based units have died. . . .
  • I have a Surface 2 which is 4G and it does everything I need. 8.1 is perfect for this device. So no tears here. I also have a Surface Pro 3 and still considering whether to upgrade to W10 or not. Again, 8,1 is perfect for this device and I don't need start menus. There are much easier methods in 8,1 than menus. So will see what 10 does and then decide.
  • What about Windows 98 ?
  • Having read so many different opinions on here can anyone tell me what happens to Windows Insider users when Windows 10 is released?
    Do we just get the release build of Pro or do we, as some have said, have to rollback to the previous OS, 7, 8 or 8.1, and upgrade from there?
  • It's been stated as fact in a previous article that you will be updated from preview to full release on July 29th.
  • And the actual edition you get will be based on the W7/8.1 license it's activated with.
  • Thanks.
  • Guys I'm using Windows 8.1 single language with Bing. Could I still get the Windows 10 update? Because I'm having a hard time showing the notification windows logo on my taskbar..
  • It's rolling out. Not everyone has it yet. Don't worry, it will come.
  • Windows 8.1 enterprise owners will also get Windows 10 professional?
  • I was logging in to ask this exact question. The windows upgrade spec site says 8.1 Enterprise users have the option to upgrade outside of the free upgrade path but doesn't specify. "Some editions are excluded: Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise, and Windows RT/RT 8.1. Active Software Assurance customers in volume licensing have the benefit to upgrade to Windows 10 enterprise offerings outside of this offer." Hey John, can someone at WC follow up on this?
  • There is a Windows 10 Enterprise version. It won't be pushed out via Windows Update. Like previous Enterprise Edition copies of Windows 7, they are licensed through a volume license, and those are usually tightly guarded by an organization's IT leadership. If your Enterprise edition came via an MSDN or similar subscription, that's the same channel you'll need to download the new version from (just like previous versions).
  • Nope. Enterprise users have been left in dark.
  • I need to ask something. After we get the free upgrade in this first year, let say I'm upgrade on August, will I have to pay for Windows 10 in August 2016 OR I have it for free permanently? I just a little bit confuse with the information that came in my country Indonesia. They said the free only for one year and we have to pay for the serial key in the second year. I wish my country info just a rubbish.
  • It's free permanently. You have one year to upgrade to W10, if you want it for free. If you upgrade after the free period, then you'll have to pay.
  • I thought we are past this already. You won't have to pay for anything once you upgrade. You have 1 year to decide whether you want to upgrade your PC. In other words, if you did not choose to claim your free upgrade come July 30th 2016 (presumably), then you will have to pay for an upgrade
  • It's free to upgrade to Windows 10 for a year. After that year, upgrading users will need to pay
  • My laptop shows windows 8.1 single language.. What does that mean.. Which version of 8.1 I have.. Any one ?
  • you will be upgraded to windows 10 home *** Also applies to Windows 8.1 country specific editions, Windows 8.1 Single Language, Windows 8.1 with Bing.
  • U can continue win 10 for free even after 1 year but u must install win 10 with one year of release
  • Thanks
  • YOUR MACHINE WILL EXPLODE! THAT IS WHY IT IS ONLY A YEAR! (PS: don't forget you can turn off caps ;) You will get a free update before 29 July. If you don't update before that, you will have to by the DVD. There is no other limits either way.    
  • I bet that wont happen
  • Just kidding ;)
  • There will be no DVD at all, afaik. Usually you get a box with a serial number inside of the box, written on a paper with a scratch-code setup. Same with Office 365 box subscriptions.
  • Once you upgrade as long as it is before July 2016 you get to keep win 10 for free forever on that pc
  • Nothing will happen. The only consequences are if you decide to upgrade to Windows 10 outside of the first year, you have to pay.
  • Of course it will stay as is... Free upgrade within a year.. After July 29 2016 those who want to upgrade will have to pay. But those who upgraded before that date will continue to receive an update.. Free. Get it?
  • Thanks i GOT it ;)
  • Thanks bro ! (^_^)
  • If you have VL you don't get free update or so their site says.
  • Im assuming that this upgrade is tied to your MSFT Account? What happens in the instance we need to reformat? Do we need to install 7 or 8.1 first? Are we able to burn an ISO with the Reg Key?
  • The upgrade is tied to the key, not your account.
  • What I'm getting at is what happens when you have to reformat? No media just a key? Will we have options?
  • In newer computers the key is embedded into the hardware. Others it's on a sticker on the back. Or you can buy your own. No matter the installation media, the key decides which edition you get.
  • Lumia 620
  • What happens to the windows 10 insiders? Any NEWS?
  • Lots, you seem to have missed it.
  • I'm going to update my 2010 Acer Timeline laptop to Windows 10, but not my brand new Dell gaming laptop untill I'm sure graphics drivers, games, Wi+Di drivers, etc work nice with the new OS.
  • How to know about which version I m using pro or not ??
  • Windows 7: right click on "My computer," click properties Windows 8 : hit win key + Q, type change PC settings, Click PC and devices, Click PC info
  • These articles are getting ridiculous now, all these windows 10 FAQ could be put in one article.
  • agreed. wc should wait until 29.7. to write any articles about the subject just so that they have all the info at once.
  • Any info about what R\T gonna get? (not full blown W10 obviously) On a side note, I'm looking forward to install W10 on my laptop
  • Will I be required to install all the drivers again after updating to windows 10 or everything will remain intact like graphics driver, audio etc..??
  • I did a clean install and all the drivers were installed automatically
  • When the upgrade will come out, does one have to backup all of their data "pictures, music ecc" or will that migrate automaticlly?
  • Windows 10 pro students e.d?? Coming love to! Cause there cheaper then normal pro version.
  • Pro 64Bit for my desktop. My first Gen RT will be replaced by a Surface 2 from eBay. Regardless of what people say about RT. I still think its the perfect consumption device. I use it to browse my Plex media then push content to my TV.
  • What will happen to windows insiders? Will we get the final version for free as well?
  • Hey guys (sorry if this is obvious for some of you) but I have a Dell venue 8 pro running W8.1 I didn't want to upload W10 incase I lose all of my things out something goes wrong etc, so do I just wait and I will eventually get W10 or must I upgrade to the W10TP? Thanks for your help.
  • Why don't you back up your files first? If you want to play it safe, just wait the final version, do NOT upgrade to Windows 10 TP as it does fresh install
  • Windows media center 8.1 which one
  • I'm not understanding why RT users aren't able to get the version of windows 10 that will be used on phones? I get that we cant go from RT to "Pro" for hardware reasons, but come on reward those who followed you into the pits of ARM hell. ​
  • Not bad
  • So I get Windows 10 Home? Niceeeeee
  • *I'm a relative noob when it comes to OS upgrades* Currently have a ThinkPad that had Windows 7 pre-installed and decided to upgrade to 8.1 Pro last year.  So can I uninstall 8.1 Pro and restore the PC to Win7 and then upgrade to Windows 10.  And pocket the 8.1 Pro key for another PC and upgrade that to Windows 10? Also, the CPU is definitely x64 compatible and runs well with x64 Technical Preview but the pre-installed Win7 was x86 for some reason.  I hope the free upgrade will let users choose 64 bit.
  • So....
    I guess my plan will be to take advantage of the upgrade on the HTPC, and the three desktops, 2 netbooks, 1 Surface, and two Dell Venue 8 Pro units in the house.
    But first, I will make disk images of all machines before upgrading.  Then, I will make disk images of all machines after upgrading.  Then I will load the 7 or 8.1 images back on to all of the devices, and save the 10 images for down the road. Why all this trouble?
    Because MS is doing away with Media Center in 10, which is the ONLY currently available software compatible with CableCard and encrypted content to use your PC as a television DVR.  And in addition to the thousands spent upfront on all my Windows-based devices, I have roughly $600 Invested in Ceton CableCard devices, and $450 more invested in upgrading the four 8.1 devices I have to the "Pro" version, just so I could pay yet more money to get Media Center on them with the "Media Pack" add-on. My only hope is that MS either rethinks the decision to get rid of a competely unique product in the marketplace, and keep it, or bring it back later,  Or perhaps something esle we be created that will run on Windows 10.  In either event, I'll have my free upgrade disk images waiting to load back on everything I own.  As an IT profressional, I think MS could have come up weith a better plan.  And they better not make CableCard DVR capability exclusive to XBox down the line, becuase I don't play games at all, and don't want to have to buy a limited-upgradability game console just to get Media Center back.
      I'm just glad W7Pro will be supported till 2020.
  • Hi, I have a legit question to ask you guys ;) My Laptop came with Windows 8.0 ?? The reason I don't know which type, is, on the day I bought it I subscribed to TechNet and immediate deleted all Partitions and installed Windows 8.1 Pro (via ISO); and the fact its has no MS Serial # on the base (which, come to think of it, is strange in itself). Since all my OS's have been TechNet "versions" will I get 10 Pro? Also, will Win 10 only be available via WU? If so, I would need to install 8.1 Pro first wouldn't I? Also, again, (last one) Will I be able to download an ISO of 10 Pro and use the serial # of 8.1 Pro to install it or would the serial number In my Bios (the new fangled type) come into play at any point in the installation, by whatever means? I have not seen this question asked anywhere, and im guessing im not the only person who's curious.. Tia
  • Either. A:)  Download 8.1 Pro, use your Serial to install that (the same way you would RIGHT NOW if you had to replace your HDD and did a clean install), update, and then upgrade to 10. B:) If you do not have 8.1 Pro Serial, then go to your OEM website and order recovery discs from them to go back to 8.0/8.1 update (8.1 is a free update, obviously) and then upgrade to Windows 10. It's not rocket science. And it's largely your fault for not creating recovery media.
  • Really? ...
  • Soooo, I'm running the WIN 10 Ent preview on two machines. Will I not be able to get the free upgrade?? Should I do a clean wipe and install the WIN 10 Pro preview??
  • Some good questions tonight ;P
  • Seems fair.
  • Hopefully they get answered :)
  • I have a pirated version of windows 8.1, Will I get the update to 10?
  • Does anyone know if the HP Stream 7 is getting 10? As I haven't got the little app on it yet and its fully updated
  • I didn't see the icon and then magically it appeared at the same exact moment it appeared on my laptop. I had them side by side as was trying to figure out how to find it. I didn't do anything special. I think that it just appeared after letting it sit there for a while after turning on the tablet and laptop
  • Ok, so I know that the obvious answer to this question would be to back everything up but...will all my pics, files, and all the other stuff remain on my computer after upgrading to Windows 10? I've outgrown my external hard drive and need to buy a bigger one. I just don't want to buy one right now. Thanks in advance and sorry for being a little off topic
  • Windows 10 Pro for me... Yaaaay!
  • I still dont get the apps and i dont know why
  • What about users of the technical preview? I did a clean install back with the first iso that was released. I am guessing that it will be the home version.
  • I don't know for shure but since they would like the Insiders to test every feature I guess Preview is more like Pro. But you'll need to buy a final version anyways, so the only question is if you'd need to reinstall. And if so, which version you could upgrade, just pro or will it be possible to "downgrade" to Home?
  • Insiders will get the RTM version of windows 10
  • I'd like to use this occasion to do a clean install (I have W8.1).. Does anyone know if that will be possible?
  • How about Windows 8.1 Single Language?
  • I' still feel sorry for the folkes with RT devices. I understud when Microsoft cut the rope for Win Phone 7 cause of the whole new kernel. But now they develop an OS thar could run on barely everything from an ARM powerd Smartphone or Rasperry Pie up to a Workstation. And while I also understand why they don't push new RT tablets (it just confused a lot of customers) I'd like to see a Win 10 version for the ones already sold. Of course it wouldn't have every feature Win 10 has on x86 machines but the owners of RT devices are used to the limitations. I'd expact something similar to the version on smartphones when you hook them up to a big screen with Continum. You couldn't use classicle desktop programms on that one but you'll get the desktop. Shouldn't be to hard to port that for a hand full of tablets.
  • I'm really glad I got Windows 8 for only $40 for all the XP machines my family had.. what a bargain!
  • I don't like it that the writers here use "SKU". What's wrong with saying "Edition", does it has to be such an insider thing? Honestly I wasn't familiar with the term until I read it here.
  • Windows 7.8 all over again for Windows RT users. Well, they do say history repeats itself.  A gift for supporting Microsoft ;-)
  • "Windows RT devices like the Surface RT and Surface 2 won't get a free upgrade to Windows 10, although they are supposed to get some kind of update that will add some of Windows 10's features." Deja Vu.  It'll be Windows 9.8 for RT.  lol.
  • I regret buying a Surface 2 only to find out we won't be getting Windows 10. And to think I convinced a lot of people to buy the tablet then makes it even worse. I'm this close to slamming the goddamn tablet because it has suddenly gotten old. I hate Microsoft for this decision!
  • got a notification that my laptop is eligible for windows 10 upgrade, too bad that my graphics card AMD HD8730M is not support yet.
  • So, People who paid $99 for the Windows Media Center upgrade on WIndows 8.1 get fucked if they decide to upgrade to Windows 10 ? Thanks for screwing people Microsoft ! A few of my machines will not get WIndows 10, Only my gaming machine and maybe my tablet (because I HATE 8.1), my gaming machine needs DirectX 12, if would come to 7 or 8.1 I would not upgrade it... Talk about fragmentation. Microsoft could port it over, it does work in Windows 10, I can confirm it as I have run it on buiild 10074 and 10130. Not sure why they are screwing their fathful customers.
  • So what will users with windows 8 core upgrade to?
  • i am  using windows 8.1single languange (64 bit version) . i had already download the windows 10 64 bit tools but it stated 'something happened' when i'm trying to install it.What should i do?