Five popular apps that have not been updated for Windows Phone in months

Microsoft has been trying to get more developers to release their apps for the Windows Phone platform, but there's also a problem with major app creators and publishers that don't bother to update them with new features or improvements for months. In a couple of cases, the apps haven't been updated for nearly a year.

Microsoft recently revealed a new Developer's Code of Conduct for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone apps that stated, among other things, that developers must stay active in the store. That's certainly not the case for these five popular free apps, which have seen numerous feature and bug fix updates for their iOS and Android counterparts over the past year. In fact, most of these apps have seen some update in the past month for those two platforms, and none have been updated later than early September. That is certainly not the case for their Windows Phone versions.


Instagram Beta

The folks at Facebook have apparently abandoned the official Windows Phone version of Instagram. There has not been an update for the photo sharing and filter app since March and it still has a beta tag. It also lacks a number of features, like being able to upload video, which are in the iOS and Android ports. You are better off with the unofficial 6tag app from developer Rudy Huyn.

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Hulu plus

Hulu Plus

While the folks at Netflix recently updated the Windows Phone version of their streaming video app, the team at Hulu doesn't seem to care about their Windows Phone port of Hulu Plus. The app has not been updated since April of 2014. Meanwhile, the iOS and Android versions have both been updated many times, mostly for bug fixes.

Hulu Plus



The hugely popular online auction site has also not updated its Windows Phone app since April for US users, although an update was launched for international users in June. Once again, a number of feature updates and improvements have been released for the iOS and Android versions since then.




While an official Vine app for Xbox One was recently launched, there's no love for the Vine app for Windows Phone. The Vine app hasn't been updated since December 19, 2013. That's just plain wrong.

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The famous business-themed social network could have the worst record of supporting its Windows Phone app among the major developers. It has not seen an update since December 16, 2013

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Why do you think these apps have not been updated in the Windows Phone Store for months or even close to a year?

John Callaham