Hit-game Flappy Bird to head to Windows Phone and Wunderlist may get a needed update

File these under hopeful thinking, but Windows Phone users may be in a treat for new apps and games for their devices.

First up is Wunderlist, the popular task management service available on iOS, Android and elsewhere. True fact, it came out on Windows Phone nearly two years ago. You can't download it any longer as it was unpublished. The app was largely ignored, and was rife with bad reviews.

At least according to their product support team, they’re working on a new version, presumably optimized for Windows Phone 8. No word on an ETA, status or even if they are 100% doing it, so for now, file this under fingers-crossed.

The second story is about 'Flappy Bird' made by Dong Nguyen and published by Gear Studios (see demo video above). What’s Flappy Birds? We had no idea either, but evidently it’s a retro arcade game on iOS and Android that came out nearly a year ago. But for some reason, it’s in the news right now. In fact, MSN News literally just ran a story on it 4 hours ago talking about it 'taking on Candy Crush’.

That should tell you that the game is about to become the next big thing. Even though iOS and Android people can play it today, Windows Phone users may not be left out in the cold on this one. At least according to a Tweet by the developer, Dong Nguyen, who hails from Vietnam. Advocate Twitter account @MobileEquality, who contacts devs to make apps for Windows Phone, asked Nguyen about making the game happen:

Mobile Equality –@dongatory people on @windowsphone want to rage quit games too. Please make Flappy bird for Windows Phone #mobileequalityDong Nguyen – @mobileequality @windowsphone You'll have it.

No other details, including development status or an estimate on a release were given. So for now, we’ll still file this under expected, but not confirmed.

Just in case you want to add some pressure, there is a Twitter campaign to get this started:

We want @FlappyBird for Windows Phone #FlappyBirdWindowsPhone

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Caleb C., Keval S., and Jason M., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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