Hasbro has announced that new Fortnite-themed Nerf blasters will be available in 2019

Fortnite may be planning to take over the world, and with what we've seen lately it's possible that could happen. The company recently announced a custom Monopoly game would be hitting the shelves in October, and now Hasbro has stated that in 2019 it will release Fortnite-themed blasters. Details about the line are pretty limited for now, though Hasbro revealed an Overwatch line earlier this year which is due out next year, and it features many of the popular guns from the game.

There isn't really a vast selection of Fornite toys (opens in new tab) available right now, and most of what is out there kinda stinks. You can grab some action figures (opens in new tab) or a Soft Air Scar (opens in new tab), but these aren't really kid-friendly toys that you can just walk into a store and buy.

If you don't think you have enough Fortnite gear already, maybe it's time to grab a pair of socks (opens in new tab), an embroidered patch (opens in new tab), a hat (opens in new tab), or maybe even a backpack (opens in new tab).

Jared DiPane

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  • i don't see how look-a-like irl fortnite weapons will be iconic. those of Overwatch all look cool on its own so ill wait for those.
  • Nowhere in this article did it say the Nerf Guns will be iconic. However:
    “A cultural icon is an artifact that is identified by members of a culture as representative of that culture. ”
    By definition of “Icon”, I would most certainly argue that they could definitely be iconic to those who play the game.
  • Yay! More non-biodegradable petroleum based landfill material polluting mother earth!
  • Holy ****, you’ve done it. You’ve effectively shut down Hasbro! Their stocks are plummeting due to the immense amount of people you have touched with your message on a news website! Oh, look! And Epic Games has been dismantled! 10/10, Deadonthefloor.