Forza Horizon 5 shows off biomes, gameplay, and a race in latest Let's Go! stream

Forza Horizon 5 Store Screenshot
Forza Horizon 5 Store Screenshot (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • Playground Games hosts a Let's Go! stream series to show off new elements of Forza Horizon 5 ahead of launch.
  • Let's Go! Episode 4 just concluded, and detailed three FH5 biomes, showed off lots of gameplay, and even played through most of a race.
  • We learned more about the swamp, jungle, and volcano biomes in FH5, and how they're inspired by their real-life counterparts.
  • The Forza Horizon 5 map and additional biomes may be shown off in the next Let's Go! stream a few weeks from now.

Forza Horizon 5 lands on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC devices on Nov. 9, 2021, and the road to the most-anticipated racing game of the year is being paved with Playground Games' Let's Go! streams. Let's Go! Episode 4 just concluded, and the latest episode was all about the world of Forza Horizon 5, detailing three of the eleven biomes in FH5 and even showing off most of a race. You can watch the entire stream below, as well as read about all the biggest details revealed during the show.

Some of the information revealed during Forza Horizon 5's Let's Go! Episode 4 stream include:

  • A look at three of FH5's biomes. Playground showed off some tantalizing gameplay through three different biomes, all of which are inspired and based off real-world locations in Mexico, including:
    • Swamps, which are dense with foliage and covered in beautiful blue-green water, often intersecting roads and paths. To make it through the swamps, you'll want to have a car well-equipped for a wide variety of obstacles. Swamps often connect the jungle to the ocean
    • Jungles, which are even more foliage dense than swamps and are laden with heavy fog due to heat and humidity. Jungles look spectacular with god rays and exemplary lighting, and can even feel claustrophobic due to the sheer amount of foliage present. Mayan ruins can even be found in jungles, which players will be able to drive through
    • Volcano, which is the largest geographical location and highest point in a Forza game yet, features an extremely long switchback road, can be seen from almost anywhere on the map, and even features a volcanic research center that apparently plays into the FH5 campaign somehow
  • Gameplay of Emerald Circuit race. Playground showed off most of a race on the Emerald Circuit, an asphalt race that travels through the living desert and rocky coast biomes, and is found near the Horizon Apex Festival. The race looks amazing, and is definitely classic Forza gameplay with newly upgraded visuals.
  • Horizon Apex Festival site. It's already been confirmed that FH5 will feature multiple Festival sites, and Playground name-dropped one such site during today's stream. Horizon Apex will apparently revolve around road and asphalt racing, with a focus on high-performance vehicles.
  • Seasons will continue to switch weekly. It was also confirmed that FH5's seasons, which now change depending on the biome and feature local dynamic weather, will switch weekly just like Forza Horizon 4.
  • Screenshots and vidoes of more biomes. Away from the stream, Playground Games and Xbox also showed off more Forza Horizon 5 biomes at Xbox Wire, complete with new screenshots and some video clips!

On top of all of this, Playground may show off the full Forza Horizon 5 map in the next Let's Go! episode. They couldn't confirm 100%, but it seems likely that we'll get a peek at everything the FH5 map will offer in only a few weeks, and I can't wait. In case you missed it, the last Let's Go! stream detailed audio improvements in FH5.

Forza Horizon 5 officially releases in just a few months, and will also be available through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming. When Forza Horizon 5 releases, it's almost certain that it'll earn the top place on our list of best Xbox racing games, if it delivers one everything it has shown off so far.

If you want to keep track of everything we know about Forza Horizon 5, be sure to bookmark our ultimate guide to Forza Horizon 5, which we update regularly.

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