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Forza 6: Apex
Forza 6: Apex

Microsoft has just launched the first beta of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex into the Windows Store, and there are some known issues with it. Some we've experienced ourselves during initial testing, some will only hit a very small group of gamers.

In any case, Turn 10 has been incredibly forthright with what's currently an issue that they're aware of. The following list has been provided by the developers for the launch of the game.

Check it out in full below.

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Some graphics cards may be blocked by driver versionSome graphics cards may not have supported drivers released that meet the game's minimum driver version. If you have the latest driver version available from your graphics card manufacturer but are still blocked from launching the game with an "AP301" error, you can attempt to bypass this block by holding "Page Up" while selecting the Quit button. Be advised that bypassing this pop-up may result in game instability and / or poor performance.
Crashes can occur when maximizing settings on low end machinesPlayers can manually customize visual settings above the capacity of their available hardware in some scenarios. This can cause poor performance and instability when settings exceed the available video and system memory.
Crashes can occur after repeated races on low memory machinesSome machines at the minimum memory specification (2 GB of video memory + 8 GB of system memory) may encounter a crash loading into events. This most often occurs after 5 to 7 consecutive races.
Cars unlocked on car select don't refresh.When unlocking a car from the car select screen, either via Forza HUB unlock or paid early unlock, the player must leave and re-enter the car select screen to see the car properly unlock.
Multi-GPU scenarios are not supportedThe title does not support multi-GPU scenarios, such as multiple physical graphics cards or cards with multiple integrated GPUs. In these scenarios only one of the available GPUs will be leveraged by the title.
Low Memory warnings can occur with default settingsIn some hardware scenarios near / at minimum requirements, players may experience low memory warnings with default settings.
V-Sync cannot be disabledThere is currently no option to disable V-sync, which would allow tearing and smoother framerates on some systems. This feature is targeted for an update soon after launch.
Hybrid GPU laptops may experience tearingLaptops equipped with both an integrated GPU and a dedicated GPU may experience significant screen tearing / corruption when playing the game in full screen.
Unable to disable anisotropic filteringThe Anisotropic filtering option currently has no "off" setting.
Unable to manually disable MSAAThe MSAA custom setting currently has a lower limit of 2x, with no option to disable anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing is disabled by default as part of the "Low" dynamic quality setting.
Dynamic render quality may be set incorrectlySome machines may be placed in a dynamic render quality setting that isn't optimal for their system capabilities. These settings will be profiled and optimized throughout the beta period.
Fury X + 16 GB machines unable to select "Ultra"Machines equipped with an AMD Fury X that also have 16 GB of system memory will be unable to select "Ultra" dynamic render quality with 4K resolution. To work around this issue: 1) Ensure the system display resolution is set to 4K (3840 x 2160 - requires 4k monitor / display adapter) 2) Launch the game and go to fullscreen model (Alt-Enter) 3) Go to Options->Video 4) Set "Dynamic Render Quality" to "Ultra" 5) Set "Force Resolution" to "Off"
Some performance dips may occurIn some race / track scenarios players may encounter momentary dips in performance below our target framerate goals for default settings. Game optimization will be ongoing throughout the beta period.
All in-app purchases will be charged to the user signed into the Windows Store.If the user signed into the windows store is not the same as the user signed into the Xbox App/Apex, the user's in-game purchases will be charged to the user signed into the MS store.
Racing wheels are not supportedRace wheels are not currently supported in Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. Adding wheel support will be a focus of the development team during the beta period.
Some controllers may not function as intendedSome third party game controllers may not have full functionality in Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. Recommended controllers include the Xbox One Controller and Xbox 360 Controller.
Multi-monitor scenarios are not supportedForza Motorsport 6: Apex currently only supports full screen in single screen scenarios at 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios.
Car Bowling pins don't count after rewind.In the Raptor Bowling event, any pins knocked over and subsequently reset by use of rewind will no longer count towards a player's bowling score if knocked over again.
Drivatar Badges flicker during raceDuring some tracks / races, Drivatar names and badges will flicker in and out of view.
Intro video audio is out of syncThe audio that introduces the Ford GT on Rio is out of sync with the video it accompanies by up to a few seconds.
Some badges may appear locked after unlockingAfter unlocking during post-race, some badges may appear locked when the user returns to the Badges Menu.
Plane disappears on RioAt times the plane on the Rio track will disappear for a short period of time.
Saved photos cannot be sharedThere is currently no way to share a photo once it has been saved. Photos can only be shared by selecting "Save and share" when they are first captured.
Restarting races can cause the track to disappearWhen restarting races in some select locations, the track can fail to stream / load. Exiting and re-launching the race should resolve the issue.
Closed Spotlight events still retain "New" tagWhen Spotlight events close that the player has never played, they retain the "New" tag and are counted in the available medals total for the Spotlight Series.
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