Four new Windows Phone Mango Bing adverts [Video]

We've seen the new Windows Phone adverts (opens in new tab) Microsoft seems to be pushing out to their YouTube channel as well as other places and they've caught our attention for all the right reasons. Probably due to Brandon Foy being hired (opens in new tab)? The adverts and videos we've seen thus far have focused on highlighted Mango features. There was one thing missing - Bing.

Microsoft has solved this by releasing four new videos where viewers can enjoy a presentation of services including Vision, Local Scout, and web search. Still upbeat, still beautiful. Check out the video above and three more after the break.

Via: Windows Phone Daily (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great :)
  • Now lets see them on TV
  • Exactly, advertising solely to techies on the internet isnt going to grow that marketshare. Show the ads during WWE, NFL, etc.
  • @Shadow 024 - Exactly, but with the standard 30 second spot, these 15-17 second spots ain't gonna cut it! These spots are just for their YouTube channel. They need spots on national television! Last year, AT&T had a few 30 second spots showcasing specific devices, so hopefully AT&T will do the same this year. But, alas, still no new devices released in the U.S....four new devices for the U.S. announced last month(2 from HTC, 2 from Samsung), but all are m.i.a. in the U.S. I wonder when those devices will be released?
  • My guess is that they are shorter than 30 seconds so carriers can put their logo and the end and maybe a phone with contract prices, something like that :)
  • My guess is that they are shorter than 30 seconds so carriers can put their logo and the end and maybe a phone with contract prices, something like that :)
  • right on schedule as they said they would do..see you guys where all worried for nothing :)
  • As much as I like them, its too fast for the most. Needs a voice to explain and make it simple.
  • Unfortunately for those of us outside 'Select Markets' where Bing isn't currently implemented.I hope those commercials do not air in Canada, otherwise some phone owners will be upset to see they don't have those features.Of course, changing browser locale to English (US) will enable, but it's a hack, and some things don't exactly work right.Music Search for instance doesn't search music market in Canada (as it just launched), but rather Apps&Games marketplace.
  • music search searches the music marketplace on mine now.
  • I haven't seen them yet, but my guess is these ads are for Hulu and other online video sources with advertising, such as ESPN.
  • Yes.. MORE stuff that is pretty much USA ONLY!!!!!!!Bing vision is non existant in Australia for example. (just text translate)let alone ANYTHING to do with Music (no Zune Pass, no Artist Bio, no Music Search... Love my phone but these things make it SO DAMN FRUSTRATING
  • hmm bing vision works in singapore for me, i can scan books dvds codes etc
  • Ugh- real simple MS, dig in the coffers and drop 50mil to get this in the right places. Superbowl, Theaters and key Sitcoms - and NO a 15 sec phone advert spot does nothing for me.focus on people hub, games, live tiles on home and top apps. you get nowhere without advertizing in this genre.oh and 10 mil to regional events, sweepstakes etc.