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FOX NOW, HERE Explore, SophieLens HD and more are your app highlights of the week

Every week we strive to bring you the latest when it comes to new apps and app updates in the Windows Phone Store. But no matter how hard you try, you might miss out on some cool apps. A lot can happen in a week, so we’re going to start taking Saturdays to sit back, relax, and go over some of the highlights when it comes to the weekly changes in the Windows Phone Store.

We’re going to highlight noteworthy apps that are either new or received a new update during the week. We’ll work on tweaking this column based on your feedback. Either way, let’s look at this past week in apps.

New apps

FOX NOW – Fox has finally produced an app for Windows Phone that gives you access to their television shows. If you’re an AT&T U-Verse, Mediacom, or Verizon FIOS customer you’ll get access to full episodes of episodes like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, American Idol, and more by using FOX NOW. If you’re not a customer of those services, you’ll get clips of those shows. The app is free in the Windows Phone Store.


LockMapper –Here’s a fun app that’s just hit the Store. Unfortunately, it’s only available in India at the moment, but worth highlighting. LockMapper is an app that sets a map as your lockscreen. You have a huge amount of control over what the lockscreen actually looks like. Again, if you’re in India go check it out in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: LockMapper

HERE Explore –Nokia had a busy week, between launching some new handsets and announcing new apps, they had time to produce a new app you can download immediately for Windows Phone. HERE Explore is the latest way for you to find the nearest restaurants, attractions, and more around you. It’s free and currently in the Windows Phone Store for Nokia handsets.

QR: HERE Explore

Updated apps

TuneIn Radio – As if you needed another music service, in comes TuneIn Radio with another update to bring you back. But why did you ever leave? TuneIn Radio is different than other music apps by focusing on connecting you to local stations around the world. The new update brings a fresh paint of coat to the app. It’s free and worth downloading to get your favorite stations no matter where you are. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: TuneIn Radio

6tag –Instagram may have officially been announced this week at Nokia World, but it came without a launch date for Windows Phone. Until then, 6tag is your best bet for Instagram on Windows Phone. The latest update isn’t bug, but does make it the first app on Windows Phone to come with custom tones for Toast Notifications. Grab it from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: 6tag

Nokia Camera – Does this count as a new app? I’m going to go with no, feel free to argue all you want in the comments. But you can think of Nokia Camera as the combination of Nokia Pro Cam and Smart Cam, because that’s exactly what it is. Nokia Camera combines those two apps into one clean interface. It’s fast and works well. You’ll need a Lumia 92x or higher device to get it now. Otherwise it will come to all Lumias with the Lumia Black update. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store.

HERE Maps – Busy week for Nokia right? HERE Maps picks up a new logo, the ability to save and group favorite places, and access those groupings across the HERE network. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store.

HERE Transit –Nokia again? Yup. HERE Transit picks up a new logo and much more. You’re also getting things like custom walking speeds, preferred walking distance, and more. You can view your favorites in one tap, turn-by-turn walking directions, and more. Grab that in the Windows Phone Store.  

SophieLens HD– Fun fact, we updated this app while in Abu Dhabi and could not stop playing with all the filters. Normally you need to pay for these, but they’re free until November 22nd. That alone is worth downloading this app and playing with it. It’s a fun camera app with unique filters you won’t find elsewhere. It’s also snappy. Grab the app in the Windows Phone Store.


Weave – One of our favorite news apps on Windows Phone is getting ready to launch their next version. Weave has been on Windows Phone for a very long time and many of you love it. It recently launched on Windows 8. This beta version will give you a preview of how their new syncing service (powered by Azure) keeps your content in sync between Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Want to join the beta? Read our post for more details

And there you have it. A big overview of this past week in apps. Again, this column is for you guys and gals, so leave feedback to help us shape it to be useful for you.

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  • HERE Explore not available for me (Because of country I thought)... As expected
  • Same here in Greece
  • Change the region settings to US, restart, and download. worked for me
  • It works for everyone. :)
  • Nope... it can't  be installed  in my 820!
  • Available in Austria! :-)
  • THIS is what we wanted... a comprehensive list for the week on Sat. Thanks for keeping the promise.
  • Yes keep this going!!!
  • Great! Thanks for the short and quick update of the week.
  • Just change ur launguage, country in settings restart phone, download app enjoy
  • Is it me or with gdr3 update here drive + started to crash?
  • I had the same crashes...then I figured out it was the glance that was causing disable glance and drive+ works fine
  • Unfortunately disabling it didn't fix it for me
  • Drive+ is working fine here, with Glance activated.
  • Good for you, it started crashing for me
  • I'm just letting you both know that the combination works fine for me, so maybe Glance has nothing to do with it.
    You might want to try uninstalling/reinstalling Drive+, since Glance apparently isn't affecting you either.
  • Same for me. I'm running the latest Drive+ and Glance but no crashes. Therefore, Glance can't be blamed for the Drive app crashing. And why would Glance cause Drive to crash at all?
  • Yelp was just updated for the second time this week
  • Think it may have added voice commands
  • But still can only "draft" reviews. Strange.
  • Nokia camera not available for my device :-( L820, UK
  • I don't know how to download this, cannot install this app either!
  • For now it's only available for Lumia 92x and 1020. After Lumia black update it will be available for all Lumias.
  • Unless you use the proxy method. It works good so far on my 822.
  • True but many people don't know how to use the proxy method.
  • What is the proxy method?
    can u help us...
  • This weekend app update column is a fantastic idea! I'm constantly looking for a way to check out and talk about the newest and coolest Wp8 apps. Great job wpc team!
  • Agreed. I always want to tell a friend of mine about new apps but don't want to bug him all the time. Now I'll just send this link once a week.
  • Or just leave him alone to find things out for himself ❕
  • I was able to install LockMapper without having to change region through the SysApp Pusher application with no issues... I'm in USA.
  • Thanks for the tip. It worked for me too!
  • Great idea to do a summary of noteworthy/updated apps! Keep up the wonderful work guys!
  • Strange, HERE Maps not for my Phone, HTC8X, but I allready installed it this week. Now, gif me HERE Transit aswell.
  • Good roundup. Thanks
  • What..India ?!
    You are wrong,im using it in Bosnia & Herzegovina !
  • To Reviewers and WPhone experts..
    Is the Nokia L925 still worth buying? I wish to get one by the end of the year, to keep it for 2 years minimum. But I don't want a phone that will be dead too soon - I should still be proud to take it out in the last days of 2014 at least..if you can understand my point here. So...L925? Or should I wait?
  • Gorgeous phone, I'm getting one as well.
  • You're damn right it's gorgeous. And, contrary to popular L925 reviews I've read, I like the lump of the camera module as it a stylish touch. Maybe I'm just weird.
  • I have a 925....ITS WORTH BUYING
  • Point noted. Your participation in my phone choice was highly appreciated. You made your country proud, Roscoe.
    Seriously though, I wanted to hear those words from a L925 owner. Because then I can be sure you know what you are talking about..since you own it..:)
  • the 925 is AWESOME and well worth your money
    go for it!!!
  • Wait for the newly announced Nokia WP.
  • If you are referring to the L1520 or thanks. I'm not a phablet guy and I got small pockets :('s gonna take a looooong time coming to my country. Hell..even the L1020 isn't here yet.
  • Seeing as how gdr3 was just released and the Lumia 1520 is the first & only phone to take advantage of the new specs, it might be best to wait a few months if you are looking for a long term commitment. It would also depend on what carrier you are on and how much you are looking to spend. While the 1520 is a tempting handset, I'm holding out to see what comes next. Looking for something with better camera than 920 but with more to offer style wise than the 1020. The 1520 just isn't feasible to comfortably carry around in a pocket as far as I'm concerned. For now, my 920 with gdr3 is just fine for me, but to each their own.
  • Seems like we got one thing in common..I don't exactly like phablets..too big for my taste (and hands..and pockets :P).
    We don't have carrier options and 2-year contract awesomeness here :(. Gotta pay big for a SIM free, unlocked device in one go. That's why I want a nice device..because I'm about to kill my savings for it.
    L925 has a better camera! But I get your point..with a L920, even I would wait. But thing current phone is a Nokia C6-00 (Yeah..Symbian S60 Series).
    Thanks for your opinion..was truly helpful.
  • Normally I would suggest that you should wait for what will be next but Nokia are likely to be selling their mobile phone division to Microsoft in the new year so we may not see any more new phones from Nokia other than the soon to be released 1320 & 1520.
    I have no idea what sort of devices MSFT will be releasing to the unsuspecting public
  • Well..I am not gonna buy my phone until end of December. So..that leaves plenty of time for rumors of new Nokia L devices. If that happens..and the rumors point towards a great phone that can compete with the L925..I'll probably wait. Agh..I hate waiting.
    Oh..and maybe Surface Phones next year?! that good news?
  • I wouldn't. If the choice was between the 920 and the 925 then I'd say get te 925.  But 2014 is just down the block, right next door to Windows Blue. aka 8.1. If you can wait, wait. Leave the 925 where it sits.
  • ^This. This is my greatest fear expressed in words.
    Plus points for L925:
    - If there is a Windows Blue (Phone)'ll probably take another half-year to reach my country. Hell..even the L1020 is not here and the L925 is coming by end of October.
    - School's gonna be over (last year..yay!) and I got like 6-months long vacations until college admissions (I am not sure of what school and college means to the internet people..and I'm probably using the words wrong here..but you get my point right?) So..basically..I got plans for my Lumia :D
    - My Nokia C6-00 is dead. Specs-wise. OS-wise. Phone-wise. Everything-wise. It's dead.
    - And..I can't wait anymore. I want a new piece of tech and I want it NOW! I want it! I want it! I want it!
    Minus points:
    - All my plus points are probably exaggerated suppositions biased by my devilish lust for that L925. Except for the Nokia C6 being dead. That's true. Totally true.
    Anyways..thanks for your piece of advice. Much appreciated. I'll take it seriously. And sorry for the long reply.
  • I'm thinking of here in the US so in your case, grab the 925. The 920, as good as it is, won't get "gooder in the next 6 months...spec wise that is. Not to mention, cell technology rots quickly and before you know it, the camera doesn't focus like it used to, the accelerometer can't do landscape, phone gets slower and its time to replace it.  The OS will become more powerful and demand more from its hardware in the latter part of 2014.  Windows Blue in my estimation won't be well received by the Lumia 920 and at most, it'll get some subset of Windows Blue like the L900 got with that Windows 7.8 mockery. 
    I see Windows Blue doing best on hardware with a 2 gig memory. That excludes my Lumia 920.
  • Yeah..I guess I don't have much choice. My phone will die no matter how awesome it was when I bought it. least i can be sure that I'll have a useable device with quite some nice functionality even when it gets forgotten, with the L925.
    Besides..if the L925 is coming to my country just now, it's the current flagship here. That is until the L1020 gets here..which will force me to choose between the 2 if it happens before December. Meh..I'll probably go for the L1020 if there is not much price difference.
  • Its highest limitation is 16gb. After the OS you are left with less. So you will have to decide if that is enough for you. On my 920 with 32 GB after the OS, regional maps, my core apps and games i only had 7GB left. And i have 0 songs on my phone.
  • To be perfectly honest..I never had more than 2GB of memory in my phones :P I had a Nokia 5300 XpressMusic and bought a 2GB SD card to go with it. Then, upgraded to Nokia C6-00 (my current phone)..still kept the same SD card. I could use some more, since I will download more apps which will also be bulkier and stuff. But..I guess 16GB should be plenty.
    Thanks for the heads-up though..:)
    Edit: I did a follow-up on the memory thing. According to official Nokia info, provided by their product manager, the phone will have 12GB useable memory, after installation of all system components and stuff.
    Yet, I stand firmly, although with my spirit somewhat dampened, and with doubts creeping into my mind, also not as sure as I was earlier..but I shall stick to my word that 12GB should be enough for me.
  • Apps are a lot bigger now. For example 2 premium games will use 2 gb of storage. Regional maps could be from 500mb to 1 gb in size. And you need extra free space for temp files and web surfing. Coming from a phone with a 4 gb sd card i thought my WP7 LG phone with 16gb was plenty almost 3 years ago. Half way through its life i wasted a lot of time trying to manage space and again i had hardly any music on it.
  • Since the L925 is the best Lumia (or rather the most recent Lumia release) available in my country..I gotta compromise with something to get that premium WP experience. If I'm lucky..maybe there'll be some 32GB models in there as well when the shipment arrives.
    But..worst case scenario..I guess I can manage on 12GB. Still, you know what? I'm gonna rush over to the Windows Phone Marketplace on my laptop and check out a bunch of apps that I'll most likely download. That should give me a good idea of how quick I'll be eating through my memory, right? Question: Is it true that Lumia devices can have bluetooth connections with other Lumias devices only? Or is that just a rumor? Cause..bluetooth is our primary means of transfer here.
  • I love that you have to do multiple app highlights in one article. The apps are flowing my WP8 friends ;)
  • This week is awesome, bunch of free or updated apps.
    Today I've downloaded all 6 Angry Birds, both Cut The Rope, Amazing Alex, Where's my Micky and Instaweather Pro for free!!
  • FOX NOW is definitely awesome, even for people outside the US. It has FULL EPISODES, not just clips. And some shows, like the awesome Sleepy Hollow, has the FULL 5 episodes yet aired available for everyone.
  • You watch Sleepy Hollow?
    The premise seems beyond retarded, from what the previews show. I figured only iPhone users watched that show.LOL
  • Nice, +1
  • Have you actually watched the show? Watch it first, judge it later.
    I also thought that the idea was stupid at first, but then they found an interesting way to make it good. However, if you're American and one of those that thinks the "founding fathers" are close to Saints, I may see why you can have some problems with the show... And I'll say this (and I'm sure I'll spark a lot of reactions): I enjoy Sleepy Hollow a heck of a lot more than that boring overhiped show with Malcom's dad, named "Breaking Bad". It's a matter of taste ;)
  • LOL... So... you do have an iPhone?
  • No. Since when is that related to liking a series? That's the most retarded thing I've heard in a while.
  • It's a joke, lighten up & get off your high horse.
  • Is any one else experiencing weird bugs and crashes with SophieLens HD?
  • FOX NOW seems like a good idea but at the moment the WP app is very slow and buggy at times. The desktop app never plays shows for me - maybe because I am not in the US?
  • Wish they could make Here Maps default so it isn't so confusing going between Bing maps when you search and just want walking directions. Great to see a lot more apps. SophieLens is definitely something nice.
  • Stopped reading at FOX
  • The amount of silly pettiness
    in the comments section is astounding.
  • +1000
  • I stopped reading at 'Sicnus'
  • Cannot download Here Explore in Australia :(
  • Finally Fox made the app available in The Netherlands. Wasn't the case a week ago. But I'm waiting for their Win8 app... I want to watch on a bigger screen.
  • There is a Win 8 version of Fox Now but you will have to change your region to United States. I can't get the videos to work on it though
  • About a week past or so someone left a comment on an article about how you guys should do this and I couldn't have agreed more. This article is a perfect summary of the week. Thanks for listening guys!
  • We do it all for you guys. Feel free to leave us feedback and suggestions anytime. This is a community shaped by everyone.
  • Nokia Explore "not available" for my Lumia 920 with GDR2 =(