Free-to-play MOBA game AirMech Arena released for Xbox 360

AirMech Arena, a new sci-fi themed free-to-play MOBA game has now made its official public debut on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, after a week of closed beta testing.

AirMech Arena comes from developer Carbon Games and publisher Ubisoft and was previously released for the PC. Ubisoft says:

Take control of transforming robots and rule over the battlefield by capturing bases and building armies to help you clear the field of your enemies. Team up in the cooperative multiplayer, head out on your own in the single-player, or take on your friends in the competitive multiplayer with teams of two to three players.

While you can play AirMech Arena for free, Ubisoft also offers a Starter pack for the game that costs $9.99 and gives players "Lifetime Silver VIP, unlimited solo rewards and more!" There's also AirMech Arena Prime, which offers access to all the game's AirMech classes, a larger selection of units, and more benefits for $19.99. If you own an Xbox 360, will you be checking AirMech Arena out today?

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John Callaham
  • Seriously....please...launch it here in India.....ps4 is a hit here...i am sure it can do with some competition...a good one from xbone...and this game looks good...
  • No one understands Xbox in India. If I talk about Xbox here its question mark to ppl. So if a here person wants to buy a console he thinks only gaming and not a entertainment media hub which Xbox is as a whole. Here no one uses Netflix and obviously accept fact that India 95% pays for tangible products. When it comes to software and services everyone wants free. Even less ppl here pay for original pc games from the original shop. All use torrent download games few movies. So they should sell limited Xbox consoles here
  • I really don't know this much Xbox lovers exists in India.....
  • Well MSFT will have to start somewhere..just like Sony did ...i still remember those games on ps1 ...spiderman, Jurassic park, fifa harry potter and the sorcerer's stone...medal of honour...oh those days....
  • Yes. Been bored with my game selection lately, especially since beating LR: FFXIII
  • Paying for any content in the game does not make it free then
  • Its a free-but game (free, but you have to pay).
  • Free to play is a business model. I don't know about this game in particular, but MOBAs are usually quite fairly monetized compared to other free to play genres. The purchases tend to be cosmetic, character unlocks, or early unlocks of stuff that everyone would eventually get.
  • First of all it's a free game and it's not like you Have to pay for stuff it's optional
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  • Why all the Xbox One/360 articles on WindowsPHONE Central...?
  • A majority of Windows Phone users have Xbox consoles and it is a Microsoft site per se. I personally like that I can get my Windows Phone news and Xbox news on this great site.
  • Me too, people need to quit complaining, if its an Xbox article then don't read it
  • Exactly :)
  • UNRELATED SIDE NOTE #2: Is anyone in the Xbox One preview program that could send me an invite please... GamerTag: ABG ENT
  • Is there a game like this for windows phone?
    Please PM me if so
  • Heroes of Order & Chaos for Windows Phone and Windows 8 is the same type of game, although it has a fantasy theme instead of sci-fi.
  • Why no Xbone love?
  • If this were on xb1 I think it'd literally be the only game I played for a couple months
  • Same!
  • This isn't MOBA. This is RTS, like Halo Wars. Nvm I stand corrected haha
  • I wish this was on the XBOne. It looks really fun.
  • MOBA is just not my style
  • Herzog Zwei! I need this on Xbox One.
  • That would be awesome. :)