airmech arena

AirMech Arena, a new sci-fi themed free-to-play MOBA game has now made its official public debut on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, after a week of closed beta testing.

AirMech Arena comes from developer Carbon Games and publisher Ubisoft and was previously released for the PC. Ubisoft says:

Take control of transforming robots and rule over the battlefield by capturing bases and building armies to help you clear the field of your enemies. Team up in the cooperative multiplayer, head out on your own in the single-player, or take on your friends in the competitive multiplayer with teams of two to three players.

While you can play AirMech Arena for free, Ubisoft also offers a Starter pack for the game that costs $9.99 and gives players "Lifetime Silver VIP, unlimited solo rewards and more!" There's also AirMech Arena Prime, which offers access to all the game's AirMech classes, a larger selection of units, and more benefits for $19.99. If you own an Xbox 360, will you be checking AirMech Arena out today?


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