Free XBOX's with the Nokia Lumia 800 in South Africa

The official date for the Lumia 800 release in South Africa was set for the 7th of February (opens in new tab), but Simon Dingle (opens in new tab) has just tweeted out the image above.

If you struggle to read white on red, then here's the breakdown: The Nokia Lumia 800 will see it's first promotion on the 26'th January starting at 8AM. The first 200 people to purchase will get a free XBOX (presumably a 360). Seems like a pretty good deal, although obviously there is no pricing mentioned.

So what is the significance of the 26'th? That's the morning after the Nokia Lumia 800 launch event held at the Vodacom Dome, which is tomorrow.

Stay frosty, and lookout for our report from the launch tomorrow!

Source: Simon Dingle (opens in new tab)

  • Also in the FNAC online shop in Portugal if you pre-buy the Lumia 800 and pay until the 25th of January you get a free Xbox 4gb..
  • Bring the Nokia 900 to India please,please pretty please!
  • So where is this being held exactly?
  • 'We regret queuing prior to the above times will unfortunately not be permitted'....
    What do they class as queuing though? How close to the door would you have to be to be considered in a queue? I can picture a couple hundred people just kinda milling around the area reading magazines and such and rushing to the door once it opens.
  • Do they offer any deals like this in the US? I want a free xbox!
  • They should do this for everyone across the globe.  You would see massive XBox and Windows Phone sales. Buy an XBox(4G no Kinect), get a Windows Phone, Buy a Windows Phone get an XBox(4G no Kinect).   Microsoft would see people then going to buy the accessories like Kinect, Hard Drives, Controllers, and remotes along with sales of software.  The important thing to do here is to get people into the ecosystem.  Apple knows that once someone is in, its hard to get out especially if it will cost alot to duplicate that ecosystem with a competitor's products.
    So Here's the numbers.  For a Free XBox 4G with out Kinect it costs $199.  If a person just buys a Kinect ($150) a Zune Pass ($99) and let's say 3 games that year at $49 each that's $400 that person has just invested in the ecosystem.  The following 2-5 years (the life cycle of a gaming system) that person will probably invest something like $1200. Its more than worth it to just get that person into the ecosystem.  I just don't get why MS doesn't do this at the very least for the launch of the Premium Hero phones.