Full render of the Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon, now in white

Last morning/night/afternoon (depends on where you are, it was about 15 hours ago) we showed you all sides of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 928. It’s destined for Verizon Wireless here in the States. A few people commented about how they’d skip the device if it only came in black. This is Nokia, do you really think there would be just one color? We now have the same render from last night, but in white/silver color.

The image is supplied from proleaker @evleaks on Twitter, so we’re confident in its authenticity.

A quick reminder – the Lumia 928 will be a Verizon/CDMA variant of the Lumia 920. It should have all the same internals as the current flagship from Nokia, but a thinner chassis and Xenon flash. It also looks different, slightly more like the new design language found in the Nokia Lumia 520/720 and less like the Lumia 800/900/920. Something different about this render vs. the one from last night are the buttons on the side. The black version of the 928 looks like it has similar buttons made of ceramic (like on the 920). However, the image above they look more metallic, could it be a different material?

Now that we know of at least two colors for the upcoming Lumia 928, which will you be getting? Or are you hoping for a Verizon Red version?

Source: Twitter

  • I'd tap dat..
  • +1
  • Those front corners look like they won't let the screen survive any impact. The 920 design keeps the glass away from the corner.
  • Black man kryptonite.
  • I'll take that mint green color!!
  • The should have showed it with a light theme
  • Maybe they are trying to make the screen look bigger.. IDK.
  • You mean uber battery drain mode?
  • Light theme only really affects battery life on devices with AMOLED screens, as a black pixel on AMOLED isn't actually lit, and therefore not drawing any power. The 920 and 928 use an IPS LCD screen, where each pixel is lit regardless of its color. (this is also why AMOLED has deeper blacks)
  • Actually, the 928 is expected to have a Super AMOLED screen.
  • You're wrong. The leaked part was a LCD one.
  • Sorry mate, you're wrong.  All the leaks (even today) are saying Super AMOLED.  Even though in the comparison video the guy seems to use LCD and display assembly interchangably, the part specifications on the etradesupply page says Super AMOLED.  It's much, much thinner than an IPS LCD screen.
  • Stop saying "Super AMOLED"!!  That's a Samsung term.  For Nokia, it's simply OLED!
  • I'll call it OLED when the Nokia phone is announced. Until then, it's just a Samsung Super AMOLED screen for a phone that hasn't yet been announced.
    I'm betting that marketing materials will say Super AMOLED with ClearBlack and not OLED.
  • To further add and emphasize...
    All TFT-LCD panels in phones require a backlight source to display an image properly. This consumes a given amount of power regardless of the state of the pixels. IPS/VA is "normally black" meaning that it blocks the backlight when NO POWER is supplied to the TFT-LCD. TN - which is used in a majority of phones -  is "normaly white" and consumes maximum power when it displays an all-black image.
    IPS/PLS/VA are thus the most "similar" to AMOLED in it's power drawing pattern, but offset by the power draw from backlight leds. Then one could discuss what takes more power: Twisting crystals or make some organic compund light up?....
  • +2
  • Verizon should merge with Nike
  • Yeah, Verizon sure knows how to deface a phone. They need to leave that Nike swoop to Android phones.
  • Back tard
    Just having the word "Verizon" on it would look infinitely more classy. 
  • Nice, but I still like the 920 look better.
  • That Verizon branding is like a bumper sticker on a Ferrari . . . sickening.
  • I got the 920 in white and I think it looks so much better. I specially don't like the way the speaker is on the back.
  • Looks like the same as the block 810.
  • Sexy!!!
  • I wonder what other colors it will be in?
  • Cyan and red
  • What's below the Windows button, a mic?
  • Yup
  • Red please.
  • So the whole front is black?
  • Probably the best so that tile colors would match
  • Yeah that looks weird compared to the Lumia I'm typing this on with white polycarbonate showing from the front.
  • If the polycarbonate doesn't wrap around the 928 as the 920 then does this mean this will be the first removable battery in the 9xx series? Hmm...
  • I kinda like the idea of a removable back because it gives us a chance to have removable storage since it doesnt look like theres external access to a SD card. But I worry it will feel cheap if they use a thin plastic snap on cover.
  • It has similar design cues to the 810 which does have a snap on cover. I thought exactly what you mentioned when I first got but it is actually quite sturdy and the cover doesn't look like it comes off at all... :) But it does...
  • I like the current design of 920 !!! In design they should just change the screen - instead of LCD, SAMOLED with Clear Black and Gorilla Glass 3.  
  • I second the super amoled!
  • WPCentral has been saying that the 928 will have the Super AMOLED screen.  I'd link it, but then my comment would get marked as spam.  It's the article that said it would be announced next week.
  • I second Gorilla Glass III!
  • Verizon Red for sure!
  • Cyan!
  • I want the red from the fan render that has been going around.
  • Question is....will it be network unlocked like the other Nokia phones that have landed with Verizon?  If so...then SWEET!!!
  • Definitely hoping for this as well!!
  • Take my money, already!
  • I really want yellow but I may have to settle for red
  • I have to say I was not a big fan of the yellow at first but when actually held it at the Microsoft store, I was sold! I love my yellow 920.
  • I have red, but that yellow is the shiznit!!
  • This! My friend's wife just got a yellow one yesterday and it drew all kinds of well-deserved attention at the pub. That is one hot color...
  • DAT phone!
  • Still not available at gsmarena
  • The back and the side views don't really align properly. There seems to be a lot of curve in the back view but the side profile seems to be boxy.
  • I thought that as well. Take another look and you'll see that everything matches up. It's just a bit of optical illusion.
  • Cyyyaaaaannnnnn
  • Man I just don't see how this is ~2mm thinner than the 920 from the side renders.  Have to see it in person to believe it I guess.
  • I don't think that it is supposed to be 2mm thinner.. I think you are confusing that with the aluminum phone supposedly coming out.  I thought the 928 was like .5mm thinner than the 920. Basically the same phone so don't see how it could be significantly thinner.
  • Not as good looking as the 920. I don't think it will sell well! Verizon users should be happy but its not an eye catcher
  • I dont like the white much but the black looks damn sexah. And the phone is going to selllllllllll..... OUT
  • Interesting how you think it won't sell because you dont like the design, despite all the attention the Verizon destined lumia gets on the forums.
  • i'll get whatever color comes in matte... I don't like shiny
  • please be a yellow!
  • Does anyone know how much storage it has?  I'll buy it if it's 32Gb -- otherwise going for the not-near-as-sexy 822.
  • I do not think anyone knows, but i would guess that it will have 32gb because I can not see them making the specs worse than the 920 hence the higher number 928.
  • Ugly
  • Launch colors white and black, comes 32GB with expandable memory. No other info if other colors coming.
  • Pretty sure launch colors leaked already; black, white, cyan, and red. http://nokia-lumia-928.com/rumors/nokia-lumia-928-will-be-available-in-4...
  • This
  • I'm confused is honestabebread saying this to just black and white or this to the multiple colors? Edit: It looks like he's replying to the white, black, red and cyan launch colors not the black and white ones.
  • Expandable memory? Is that confirmed?
  • No.
  • I hope your right. I'll be buying it regardless (just broke the screen on my Trophy this morning :( ), but the expandable memory would be reeeeaaaallly nice to have...
  • Admitting, 32gb PLUS Expandable storage would be EPIC....and that white is sexy...
  • I'm sorry, but is this thing ugly? It just does not pop! like the 920. Maybe I'm expecting to much, this isn't nothing but a blown up 8x. So lame
  • I agree 920 looks better, but I will buy because Verizon is better.
  • That and it has a better screen and camera than the 920. I will take the tech and lighter weight over your opinion of looks.
  • Before saying it is ugly, can we all just wait to see the phone when it comes out? I remember all of the comments about the 822 being ugly, myself included. Up close and personal, the 822 looks great, especially the red.
  • Don't need to wait, I can see the picture..i don't like it. I'm cool like that!
  • Not too big a fan of the design language, personally. Hope they don't abandon the pillow one just yet
  • I reckon ur just right! This thing looks hideous... I was hoping it  would look like an oversized 720 instead, that is a sexy mobile phone
  • You probably here this all the time. But have seen launch docs. No other colors listed and yes 32gb and expandable memory.
  • Can you back that up with proof in saying 32gb AND expandable memory ?
  • nokia needs somethin special, thisis a step back
  • It looks very similar to the Nokia lumia 505.
  • Man, I never came accross that one..looks kinda nice. The 928 display assembly in the video did seem somewhat similarly curved.
  • No curved glass?
  • What is that little pin sized hole above the flash? Perhaps the expandable memory pin hole to open the microsd slot like one does on a simcard? Although typically next to the opening maybe its a new mechanism? Guess we will wait and see.
  • i would think that would be for the 4G sim card
  • Noise cancellation microphone would be my guess. Sim and sd card ( if they have one) could be on top or bottom.
  • Disappointing and uggo.
    That huge mic hole under the Windows button,
    The flash isn't aligned with the camera bezel and it looks dumb,
    That big stupidly placed speaker on the back,
    4G LTE branding, doesn't need to be there,
    That other mic hole on the back,
    And just the shape of it isn't appealing.
    My 920 looks 1000x better.
  • whatever helps you sleep at night buddy lol
  • Yeah, that terrible design won't help me sleep at all.
    Good thing I have a much better designed phone.
  • count those sheep att fanboy. lmao get a life.
  • I have a feeling that you're kind of stupid.
    What does ATT have to do with this? I'm talking about the design of the two, not what carriers they're on.
    so lmao @ you
  • well you seemed adamant to bash the phone not availabale on your carrier, but i guess it's clear now  you like to fap over just your phone (sort of like how apple fans do with their devices) and be an ignorant troll with an aggressively subjective opinion.  "my lumia looks 1000x better!" lmao snobby fuggin tool.
  • I cant stand white phones but this one is damn sexy! I don't know if it's better looking than the 920 but that xenon flash and pure view branding looks pretty good! Can't wait until Verizon takes this money that I have waiting for them!
  • I was with Verizon when 920 was announced, contract wasn't up till Feb. Contemplated waiting to see what Verizon does, I am glad I made the switch to get 920. I was expecting much much more from a sexy standpoint.
  • Just doesn't seem like it belongs in the 900 family without the wrap around sides.
  • I have a bad feeling that the glass will be flat, not curved.
  • I'll wait for ATT catwalk or whatever it will be call because I'm sure it will look better than this one. I like my L900 better than this one.
  • Hopefully it doesn't look like the catwalk images that were released.... horrible... imho!
  • The aesthetics really don't scream 900 series but I do need a new phone to replace my Trophy & will most likely get the white version. Wonder how Verizon's no contract monthly payment plan similar to T-Mo will works on this?
  • Nokia needs thinner bezels. The phone still looks amazing, but it would look so much better with a thinner bezel!
  • I have the 920 and I prefer having some of that color on the front of the phone as well.
  • Looks nice...
  • If this is a sign of a slight shift in the main Lumia design language, then I'm very scared. I really hope they don't abandon curved glass and just curves in general, the squared off sides with the curved back attached to it makes for a really ugly side view (for the 928). It's as if Nokia couldn't decide between a squared off or curved look. The Lumia 920 is the most beautiful Lumia design to date and I really hope the don't abandon the general design principles of it.
  • If you notice the 810, design language is quite identical. I actually have the 810 and people notice it and trust me they don't confuse it for anything else and always ask questions about. I think the design regardless will stand out from the swam of androids and IPhones out there. I think that's what they were looking to accomplish :) I agree that the 920 is indeed a sexy phone....
  • The curved glass is still there. Have you seen the video comparing the 928 and 920 screens?
  • Red baby Red :-)
  • How is the 920 for image stabilization? My HTC surround is awful. 1 in 10 might be blur free.
  • best there is in comparison to any other phone out right now, even the newer androids
  • Looks gorgeous, much better tan the 920.
  • whrere's dat cyan and red renders! think i want the red, especially if it's matte. announce this already and take my money!! my contract renewal is just waiting for this phone to come out
  • Looks like the 810. Ppl dog the looks of the 810 and praise the 928? Sounds like bias shaping opinions.
  • That is true. Maybe it is due to the color of the 810 mostly coming in black? If it was cyan or any other color I think people would have praised the design if the 810 being that it's so similar to this render.
  • I concur
  • I am praising the 928 and when it was released I also praised the 810. I said then that it was the best looking of the 800 series phones and I standby that now.
  • Verizon just annouced the G4, delivered in May, the wait continues....
  • Stupid question I know but.. What exactly is a "render" or should I say why is this "render" so important? Does it mean they saw the production phone, know the exact dimensions, and modeled it on the computer?
  • Hi sexy! ;-)
  • I'm digging the full glass front like the Razr HD. Good design choice. 
  • I wish the announcement would come already
  • +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  • Does it have curved glass
  • Way better than the 920 brick. That said, no sd, no sale for me.
  • I'm calling it: removable back shells. That thin black bezel gives it away. Could mean SD and removable battery.
  • that would be sweet and resolve my personal big flaws with the 920....
  • I prefer the ceramic buttons, especially on the white 920. But this is nice. I'm happy for customers of Big Red.
  • Ceramics can be, and often are, white.
  • I meant the black buttons on white polycarbonate...
  • Looks like a nice Nokia.  Not making my 822 jealous yet.  Maybe someting from Nokia will by year end?  Right now, the object is to get a WP8 device in as many hands as possible.  This, too, will be a keeper and a major upgrade over the Trophy!
  • Its funny how these American operator exclusives always look (form an European standpoint) a bit toy-ish. All grills are huge and there's text written in bold letters everywhere on the device. If the American market enjoys these kind of designs more, then how come the iPhone ever made it in the US? Is there really someone who likes this design over the design of eg. the iPhone?
  • Says the european guy whose sports team's uniforms aee covered in advertising...
  • No like, we needs new series!
  • its looks more closely to lumia 720 and 520 which is great
  • This thing looks awesome in white! I have to agree with the complaints about too much bezel though. Design-wise I think it's a step up for finally ditching the looks of the 920 which in my opinion was nowhere even near how awesome the L800 was.
  • Shut your mouth and wash it out with soap! The 920 design is an improvement of the 800. I agree about the bezel. If that Verizon logo wasn't there then it could be smaller.
  • I would for sure grab one, but too bad I don't live in the US.
  • Booooorrringggggg
    Come on Nokia, yeah it was good with the 800, 900, 920, 720 but its boring now.
    Get rid of the super fat bezels and match the competition, you need something like htc one for windows phone then we can take you seriously...
  • Yeah, becase Nokia has won numrous awards for their phones.  
  • Nokia has beaten iphone for innovation and it beats all phones in built quality. Reliability is synonymous to nokia. You drop it wont break. Drop an iphone and hold you breath untill you see know its ok. I personally have owned many Nokia phones no other manufacture beats Nokia in quality. As for smartphones they just became a serious contender. Its a fresh new look in iphone and android systems exactly what people needed.
  • What about a xenon equivalent function for lumia 920? They should do a breathing light just like the one in N72
  • So now that T-Mobile has seemingly abandoned Windows Phone, I guess that leaves AT&T and Verizon as the main supporters of the platform. But Verizon loves Android (as evidenced by their "Droid" branding), and AT&T loves the iPhone, so how much support will WP see from them?
  • What are you smoking? TMobile just announced the 521 and they're getting the catwalk.
  • You dont have to be a genius to figure out that the back of this phone does not match the side shots. Very bad rendering.
  • I like the fact that the camera location is a bit higher, if this is a to scale render. I always somehow manage to bring part of my finger in every picture.
  • Hell yeah, that's the one! Can't wait to upgrade from my 8X (which I love btw)
  • All WP fans should be glad that with this (in both colors) and the 8X Verizon finally had top end Windows Phones. If the platform is going to have any future it absolutely has to take root on the largest carrier in the US.
    That said, if anything I think the software limitations of WP are going to hurt it more than the hardware, especially as it is VERY efficiently coded and as such speeds along on pretty much any hardware. With that said, the lack of basic functionality (like Text Reflow, File System Navigation, proper handling of attachments in emails and so on) is holding it back big time. Not having this stuff makes the WP sets almost useless for business users.
    As much as "hero" phones are nice, we really need MS to get off their butts and get the OS fully built out.
  • The RT tablets are even worse.  Tragically pathetic and saddening
    No pop3 email support, functionless browser, virtually no usable data sync between all the email and Outlook apps and no developers working on solutions either, they aren't interested.  It's as if everyone at MS went "stupid"...
    I really wanted W8 to be a winner, but not even close.  I do love these Nokia phones though.  slick!
  • Awesome Nokia's Lumia, here is full review and specs of Lumia http://engineeringprogrammingsoftwaregames.blogspot.com/2013/04/nokia-lu...
  • Here is another nokia's lumia latest smartphone http://engineeringprogrammingsoftwaregames.blogspot.com/2013/04/nokia-lu...
  • I like my 920's curved edges better. :D
  • I'd mos def get the red one if they have it.  When's the release date?
  • Its look quite clean, and nice.
    Hope it gets a international release, not just a US Verizon Exclusive.
    Though, Nokia is a finnish company, so it will probably be international.
  • Seems like Nokia has a trouble in information security because these leaks keep coming and quite early before the launch.
  • That's not a "leak", that's marketing
  • It looks like an 810 on Steroids. Not a bad thing. I really liked my Nokia 810
    What I don't understand is why Nokia has limited the 920's release to AT&T and the 810/820 to 'select carriers". These are great phones. If MicroSoft wants to gain market share you would think they would want the best hardware out everywhere where people could buy it. 
    I'm looking forward to the next generation of phones from Nokia.
  • release date?
  • Give me gray or give me death.
  • This pains me to say....
    I've been waiting for this phone.  Dreaming.  It and the W8 platform were going to save me from this Android muck.
    But I just spent two months with a new Surface RT tablet, which is so handicapped, only half finished...so bad in fact Im canceled all plans for any more MS products.  I used to really like Microsoft, but I have no respect now and I don't have it in me to try the phone.  Someone give my yet unborn Nokia a good home!
    PS...Surface was sold
  • I broke my Nokia lumia 928 screen where can i get a replacement ? someone tell me