FXNOW offers The Simpsons, American Horror Story and more with new Windows 10 app

The FXNOW video streaming app is rolling out for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile. It offers free on-demand access to the library of TV shows and movies from the FX cable networks.

Microsoft says:

Built for Windows 10, the FXNOW app features Cortana integration, allowing you to launch the app with your voice, as well as Live Tiles, which if pinned to your Start menu highlights the featured show of the day and an adaptive responsive layout which means the app will scale and adapt no matter your screen size.

If you have a cable or satellite TV subscription, you can access a ton of video content from the FXNOW app for free. It includes the original TV shows from FX like American Horror Story, Archer, and more, along with the shows on FXX like It's Sunny In Philadelphia and all of The Simpsons reruns you can take. You can also access the large library of movies from the FXM channel.

Be aware the app has just started rolling out onto the Windows Store so it may be a while before it shows up on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Download FXNOW from the Windows Store

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John Callaham