Gaems Sentinel Pro XP 1080p Portable Gaming Monitor for consoles goes up for preorder

Have you ever wanted to bring your Xbox One or other console with you? Have you ever dreamt of a portable monitor that can also act as a case? Well, your request has been heard by the individuals at GAEMS. The company recently announced that the "GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP 1080p Portable Gaming Monitor" for consoles should launch on January 8, 2019. Despite the mouthful-of-a-name, the Sentinel Pro XP is quite a remarkable device.

As with any such item, the display is the highlight here. It's a 1920 by 1080p IPS monitor which is 17.3" across. It has a 170 degree viewing angle which means that even friends can see what's going on. Lastly, it has 3 W stereo speakers and a 3.5 mm headset jack if you want no distractions.

Now comes the price. The monitor is less expensive than some televisions, but it's still $349.99. Only those who really need the portability will be willing to spend that much on a 17.5" monitor. However, the demands of each consumer are different so there is a market for these products out there.

Are you interested in picking up a GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP 1080p Portable Gaming Monitor? Let us know. We've mostly seen these items displayed in Microsoft Stores with consoles to save space. What do you plan on using it for since it still needs a power supply?

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  • The fact it doesn't have an internal battery source makes it kinda redundant, I mean if I'm out travelling I'll be in a hotel, with a TV, that I could easily connect a console to. I cannot imagine this thing having a huge amount of uses outside of the novelty factor (
  • Your focus is too narrow. It's more about being a compact, easy to transport solution, rather than being portable away from an outlet. Best example use case of these, are if you have kids that share a room, and rather than getting one TV, you can just get two of these split between them. Also, as a former Microsoft Store employee, we use these all the time for gaming events, because it allows us to arrange multiple units at the community theater (area in the back for events), So this makes having 4 -8 stations set up, extremely easy, and putting everything away easy too. Also many local esports or gaming tournaments use these all the time.
  • Two words, LAN parties.
  • I use the m155 FHD portable monitor. Monitor is only 15.5 inches but can be powered by the xbox. Also can be a second monitor for PC/mac. For me a better travel setup.