Galaga Legions DX comes exclusively to Xbox Live on Windows Phone this week

Xbox 360 screenshots

Shoot 1UP may have just launched on Xbox Live two weeks ago, but it looks like another shoot-em-up is due this week as well. This time it’s Namco Bandai’s Galaga Legions DX, the latest game in the venerable Galaga series.

In Galaga Legions DX, players must pilot a single ship accompanied that always points up, just like the original game. But now massive hordes of enemies come from all sides, making for a much more frantic experience. Thankfully a neon line shows the path they’ll take before they come on screen, giving players a moment to prepare for the onslaught. The hero’s ship also has two smaller satellite ships that can point in different directions – it will be interesting to learn how we’ll direct them on the touch screen.

Galaga Legions DX consists of 10 levels, each with multiple waves of alien invaders to blast. A clock constantly ticks down, encouraging you to clear the waves as quickly as possible in order to go for higher scores. Each level can also be played on Hard for a greater challenge (and an Achievement worth a whopping 70 GamerScore). Rounding out the package is a Time Attack mode, also with its own Achievement.

Retro chic

This installment shares little in common with the original Galaga, a game I wish had been ported to Windows Phone 7 at some point. But it does have that great neon look that all the kids love these days. Plus you can select from a variety of ‘skins’ for the game’s ships, including the original arcade Galaga sprites.

Brace your wallet

Like last year’s Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Galaga Legions DX is a Windows Phone-exclusive port of the Xbox Live Arcade game of the same name. That’s good! However, it also clocks in at the same steep price: $6.99. Will it justify the price tag? We'll find out when Galaga Legions DX launches on Wednesday, September 5.

Update: As it turns out, the Windows Phone version of Galaga Legions DX has only three levels and a Championship mode. The other levels and Time Trial were cut from this version.

Paul Acevedo

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  • Yeeaaahhh!!
    $7? ouch.
  • "That man over there is playing Galaga thought we wouldn't notice but we did"! Lol Avengers
  • super excited for galaga as it's one of my favorite arcade games, but for $7 ughhh, i might have to save up for this one lol
  • Still haven't bought Pac man dx and I definitely won't be buying this for $7. I would like to know the sales figures for pacman. Must have been good enough to justify pricing another game at that rate...
  • Come on ngageXLumia Pureview! Some great games are coming out but I want buttons!
  • I bet this game would look killer on a 10" Surface RT.
  • Or a 4.8 inch screen
  • Word
  • Well the titan isn't real far from 4.8 lol. I can't wait for windows 8 everything tho.
  • Yes
  • Looks cool, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay 7 bucks for it. oO
  • Wtf another of these lame games
  • What do you mean another lame game? Galaga legions is a good title, and it is nice to not have another puzzle type game. Not sure what games you feel are not lame? Add more to your comment as you appear to be trolling and I got suckered into feeding you. :/
  • Nicely said, Meatwad. He was indeed trolling.
  • Wow
  • If I didn't already own Dodonpachi and Shoot 1 Up, I'd probably get this, but I already have enough games in the genre as of now.
  • Try playing that on a 3.5" screen. It is hard enough on a tv through Xbox. Can't wait.
  • Haha, get real on that price. 
  • The brand is "Xbox Windows Phone" now. I'm not being a besserwisser, just saying. ;-)
  • Where's the press release? Because Microsoft has not announced that officially.
  • I don't know, but looking in the marketplace, the latest games including this one are branded "Xbox Windows Phone". Same with the games on Windows 8, they have been branded "Xbox Windows". There is a MS-blog about the upcoming "Xbox Windows" games though. :-)
  • Still waiting on Sonic.................
    Just got Dodonpachi Maximum, tried out Shoot1UP, I'll have to try this one.
  • I'll buy it, at $7 it is still cheaper than the XBLA version. It is expensive for a phone game though.
  • Oh soot, I was hoping Alphajax would be updated tomorrow.
  • I always kept a copy of galaga rom in office for stressful days.
    Although this is not the original. It left to be seen if it's good.
  • It would be cool if it had an original gameplay mode
  • Great. Another overpriced Xbox Live game that I can take a second mortgage out to purchase.
  • Overreact much? Granted, 7 dollars is expensive for wp title, but sheesh.
  • Wow 7 bucks.... I've been waiting forever for PacMan championship to go on sale. I guess I'll put this one on that list. Wait did he say only 70 gamerscore with this game?
    So 7 bucks for only 70 gamerscore??? If that's correct this game definitely want sell.
  • It says one achievement is worth 70 GS not the entire game.
  • Its a single achievement worth 70 points. Read carefully
  • Yes I guess I need to my eyeballs.
    Still at $7 it's on my wish list with PacMan championship
  • The price is not bad people. Cheaper than XBL and it is portable. It will be a great way to kill time and your battery.
  • What would be awesome is for a card to be available at stores for all 2 or 3 Xbox Windows Phone games to download for around $10-15... =D
  • Amazing game.
  • Looks like a cool game, but that price is insane.
  • I own the xbla, it is fun and if the game is just as well made should be better on the go than on xbox. :)
  • I would have bought the classic galaga for $6.99 :-)
  • That price is outrageous.
  • Got it on PS3.
  • The controls are really bad.
    And how do i continue playing, when i am in a stage 5 with 99 waves and i launch the game from game hub? It does not have resume function? I have to play it all over again?