Black Myth: Wukong will miss Xbox at launch, and physical copies won't have discs, either [UPDATED]

Black Myth: Wukong
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This article has been updated with the news from a new preorder FAQ that physical copies of Black Myth: Wukong won't have physical discs at launch, as Game Science says it's "currently facing limitations in offline resources required for the import, export, transportation, distribution, and sales of physical discs." Instead, they'll come with activation codes. The studio added that its "publishing team is actively working on resolving these issues and exploring options to offer physical discs," so hopefully discs are offered at some point in the future. Until that (potentially) happens, though, physical copies will  only have codes.

What you need to know

  • Black Myth: Wukong, a new action RPG from Game Science that's directly inspired by the legendary Chinese literary work Journey to the West, is coming to PC and PS5 on August 20, 2024.
  • It's also still coming to Xbox Series X|S, but won't be on Microsoft's consoles at release. Game Science says the delay is due to the game still needing additional optimizations.
  • The game is currently the most wishlisted game on Steam, and is one of this year's most anticipated games overall.
  • A new cinematic trailer for the game was shown during Summer Game Fest 2024 that reveals preorders for it are live now.
  • The game costs $59.99 and can currently be preordered on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and WeGame.
  • Update: Game Science has stated that due to "limitations in offline resources," it's had issues producing discs for physical copies. As a result, physical versions of the game will come with activation codes instead of discs at launch, though the developer is hoping to offer discs in the future.

Original article: Black Myth: Wukong — an upcoming mythological action RPG from Game Science that's heavily inspired by the famous Chinese literary work Journey to the West — is set to be one of 2024's biggest releases, with the title currently standing as Steam's most wishlisted game. Now, just a few months ahead of its planned arrival, a new trailer shown at Summer Game Fest 2024 has reaffirmed its scheduled release date while revealing that preorders for the game have gone live and are available now.

Specifically, it looks like Black Myth: Wukong can now be preordered on PC through Steam, the Epic Games Store, and WeGame, though it's not yet available to purchase on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. The trailer's description notes that the title "will be available on PS5, Steam, Epic Games Store, and WeGame" at the same time on August 20, so I expect PS5 preorders will soon come online. The cost of the game is $59.99.

Notably, one platform Black Myth: Wukong is missing at launch is Xbox Series X|S, with Game Science stating in a new FAQ that the game still needs to be optimized further on Microsoft's consoles. As a result, its release on Xbox has been delayed, though the developers hope to "minimize the wait."

"We are currently optimizing the Xbox Series X|S version to meet our quality standards, so it won't release simultaneously with the other platforms," reads the FAQ. "We apologize for the delay and aim to minimize the wait for Xbox users. We will announce the release date as soon as it meets our quality standards."

Ultimately, it's a shame that Black Myth: Wukong is missing Xbox for its initial release, though the good news is that it sounds like the wait for that version won't be too long.

You'll find links to every retailer you can currently preorder the game at below:

Black Myth: Wukong | $59.99 at Steam

Black Myth: Wukong | $59.99 at Steam

Preorders for one of 2024's most anticipated action RPG titles have gone live, with the game topping Steam's "most wishlisted" chart and promising players a grand adventure based on the legendary Chinese literary work Journey to the West.

Also at: Epic Games Store | WeGame | PS5 (preorder unavailable)

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