Dead Space is back! Sort of...

Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space crossover promotional art
Battlefield 2042 and Dead Space collide for a new crossover event (Image credit: EA)

What you need to know

  • EA announces that its competitive first-person shooter, Battlefield 2042, will receive a limited-time crossover event with the Dead Space franchise.
  • This crossover event will include a new horde mode called Outbreak, cosmetic outfits and weapon skins up for grabs, and more.
  • This crossover event will be available on all platforms and will last from July 9, 2024, to July 16, 2024.

If you're a fan of EA's classic survival horror series, Dead Space, then you're in luck because it's coming Battlefield 2042. That's right, EA has announced that starting from July 9, 2024, to July 16, 2024, the competitive multiplayer FPS, Battlefield 2042, will be having a limited-timed crossover event with Dead Space.

During this crossover event, there will be a new mode to play in Battlefield 2042 called Outbreak. In this mode, players will need to fight their way through hordes of enemies to escape the Boreas laboratory.

Players who participate in this event will be able to obtain all kinds of rewards including a new weapon charm, weapon skin, a new player card background, and a player tag. 

In addition, this crossover will bring a Dead Spece bundle pack that features Dead Space-inspired cosmetics including a legendary specialist outfit called 'Marked Man', three legendary weapons, and more. You can purchase the Dead Space bundle for 2,200 Battlefield Currency.

Who would've thought we'd see a Battlefield and Dead Space collaboration?

Work together to survive the new Outbreak mode (Image credit: EA)

In all seriousness, it's weird to see Dead Space have a crossover with Battlefield 2042 of things as the two games are of completely different game genres with no connection between the two other than they're both published by EA. However, if this crossover event gets popular enough, maybe it will convince EA to reignite the Dead Space franchise after they put it on ice when the Dead Space Remake failed to meet expectations.

Of course, this is very wishful thinking on my part because I know for a fact that Dead Space may not get another game, but a man can dare to dream. The Dead Space Remake was an amazing reimagining of the best Xbox games from the Xbox 360 era (see our review of the Dead Space Remake to learn why) and I'd hate to see it languish in limbo again without EA giving us remakes of Dead Space 2 and 3 as I feel those games deserve a next-gen upgrade too.

For now, we'll have to settle for this crossover event in Battlefield 2042, which will be available on all platforms including Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.


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