DEAL: Play Starfield early with this stellar Premium Edition launch day discount

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After over five years of waiting since the game's original reveal trailer at E3 2018, Starfield is finally here. It launches today in Early Access on both Xbox and Windows PC, giving folks who've purchased the Premium Edition of the galactic sci-fi RPG the opportunity to play it five days ahead of its global release. Notably, this bonus is still available to anyone who buys the Premium Edition between now and the game's full arrival...and if you're interested in taking advantage of it, we have good news.

Right now on Newegg, you can score the Starfield Premium Edition on either Xbox or PC and get your ticket to Early Access for a sweet $8 discount. That's nearly a full 10% off its $99.99 MSRP, and for a brand new AAA title that's poised to dominate everyone's attention for months and even years to come, getting a deal like that is amazing. Do note that you'll need to put in the promo code "STARFLD8" at checkout before the discount is applied, so don't forget!

Starfield Premium Edition (Xbox/Windows) | $99.99 $91.99 at Newegg

Starfield Premium Edition (Xbox/Windows) | $99.99 $91.99 at Newegg

The Starfield Premium Edition unlocks Starfield Early Access for you, and also gives you Constellation skins for several in-game items, a digital artbook, and a digital copy of the game's soundtrack. You'll be able to access the upcoming Shattered Space DLC when it releases, too. Note that this version can be played on both Xbox and PC through the Microsoft Store.

Starfield Premium Edition (Steam) | $99.99 $91.99 at Newegg

Starfield Premium Edition (Steam) | $99.99 $91.99 at Newegg

If you'd prefer to play Starfield on Steam instead, this is the variant of the Premium Edition you'll need to buy. It comes with all the same bonuses and benefits, with the only difference being platform. Keep in mind, however, that the Steam version of Starfield isn't part of Xbox Play Anywhere, so this version is strictly PC only.

While Starfield Early Access is definitely the main appeal of the Premium Edition, it's not the only perk that comes with it. Additionally, it also unlocks Constellation skins for the in-game Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet, and Boost Pack items, and gives you a digital copy of a Starfield artbook as well as the game's soundtrack.

What if you're not interested in any of what the Premium Edition brings to the table, though? In that case, you'll want to get the Standard Edition of Starfield, which also happens to be on sale. Specifically, Newegg has both the Xbox/Windows version and the Steam version available for $5 off provided that you enter the STARFLD5 promo code at checkout.

If you don't have attachments to or strong preferences for a specific platform, we definitely recommend getting the Xbox version. This is because Starfield is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning that you can also play the game on PC via the Microsoft Store as long as you're logged in with the same account you got the game on Xbox with. The Steam version is there if you don't plan on playing on console and want to use Valve's service, though.

In our review of Starfield, Windows Central Managing Editor Jez Corden and Contributor Samuel Tolbert gave it a score of 4.5/5 stars and praised it heavily as "an absolute triumph in gaming," confidently declaring that it's "one of Microsoft's best exclusive games in over a decade." I've been playing through it alongside them, too, and I've definitely had a blast roaming through Bethesda's gargantuan new RPG.

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