Starfield status effects and medicines: How to heal poison, frostbite, sprains, and more

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Space is a harsh frontier. As you go exploring in Starfield, you might sprain your leg walking across rocky terrain, get poisoned by alien creatures, experience frostbite on a cold planet, or encounter one of several other maladies. Fortunately, it's easy to treat Starfield status effects as long as you know what medicines are needed or where to find medical personnel. 

I'll start by explaining all Starfield medicines and what they specifically heal. Then I'll discuss where you can go to purchase these medicines or get treated by a doctor.

Starfield medicines and what they treat

Snake Oil can treat several ailments in Starfield. (Image credit: Windows Central)

There are dozens of different Starfield status effects that can hamper your movement or even cause constant health loss until treated. 

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MedicineWhat it treats
AddichroneSurpresses Addiction symptoms for 10m.
AntibioticsTreats infections.
BandagesTreats contusions, lacerations, and puncture wounds.
Heal GelTreats burns and frostbite.
Heal PasteTreats burns and frostbite.
ImmobilizerTreats dislocated limb, fractured limb, fractured skull, sprain, and torn muscle.
InjectorTreats brain injury, concussion, heatstroke, hernia, hypothermia, lung damage, poisoning, and radiation poisoning.
Penicillin XTreats infections.
Snake OilTreats brain injury, concussion, heatstroke, hernia, hypothermia, lung damage, poisoning, and radiation poisoning.

How do I know what status effects I have?

You can tell if you have any status effects by opening the main menu and looking at the health area of the screen.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

You can have several status effects ailing your character at a time. To see exactly what they are, so you know what medicines you need, simply press the pause button to bring up this menu. If you have any active status effects, various icons will appear in the health area of the screen. 

Pressing Y while on the pause menu lets you see specifics on your status effects. (Image credit: Windows Central)

From here, you can press the Y button to bring up another menu that gives you detailed information about the status effects you're currently suffering from. This includes letting you know how exactly these status effects are hindering your abilities. Really, the complex nature of Starfield and the number of details you have to keep track of are part of what make this one of the best Xbox games as well as one of the best PC games out there,

Where to buy medicines

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Most vendors will carry at least a few medicines. Though, you'll never know exactly what type any new vendor will carry. Your best bet for stocking up on medical supplies is to locate a doctor's office and purchase plenty of medicines at the facility. 

Where to get treated by a doctor

Starfield: You can pay a doctor to heal you. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The nice thing about doctors is they can take all of your status effects away and bring you to full health in one go. As long as you have enough money to pay for the service, that is. 

Doctor's offices, med bays, and Reliant Medical can all be found in major city settlements on different planets. Here's where to find some: 

  • New Atlantis: Take the doorway near the tram in the MAST district to enter another part of the city with a medical facility in it.
  • Neon: When heading toward the club, you'll see Reliant Medical in the main part of the city.
  • Crimson Fleet: On the main Crimson Fleet ship, you can find a Med Bay near the weapon and gear shops. 

Take meds when exploring

Remember, if you have a status condition, it could hamper your movements or slowly drain you of health. That's not the best way to go exploring the galaxy. So, you'll want to make sure you always have plenty of useful medicines on hand to treat a variety of ailments, just in case. 

If you have several status effects at once, you might want to take time and visit a doctor. Paying them for their services will see your health restored and all status effects removed. That way, you'll be ready to head back out onto distant planets and see what they have to offer. Just make sure you stock up on medicines before heading back to your ship. 

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